This Week’s Missing Links, August 11


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The week's best articles, videos, and photos that I didn't post—until now.


The Olympics most painful moments in GIFS, Mashable

Breaking down the Women’s Olympic Marathon, The Science of Sport

On Yohan Blake, weight lifting, and muscle cells, Sports Illustrated

Olympic bodies: They just don't make them like they used to, NPR

Detailed examination of the science behind Oscar Pistorius' gait, Sports Illustrated

What the Olympics look like from Space, Wired

Thigh-popping success on a bike, The New York Times

The 10 greatest moments in Olympic distance running, Runner’s World

Breaking down the running style of Fraser-Pryce, Sports Illustrated

Shooting the Olympics with three iPhones and binoculars, Wired

On Kenyan Doping, Runner’s World

Hoopalooza, Grantland

How Nike made track spikes for Oscar Pistorius’ blades, Co.Design

A few words on the other United States women's 100m hurdlers, Outside 


“Women and children, um….” During shipwrecks, does chivalry die? The New York Times

Hunt for sharks planned near Reunion Island after recent attacks on surfers, IOL News

60 Minutes story on Alex Honnold nominated for an Emmy, Climbing Narcissist

I'm pretty sure that calving glacier is going to cause a big wave, Discovery

WADA confirms USADA’s jurisdiction in anti-doping case, True Play

Solo trekking no longer an option in Nepal, The Adventure Blog

Emily Harrington on climbing Everest, American Alpine Club via Adventure Journal 


A river newly wild and seriously muddy, The New York Times

On the loss of hives and the changing weather, Scientific American

On whale poop. Wired

Yup, this counts as science. Building the perfect sand castle. The New York Times

Plate tectonics on Mars, Explorer’s Web


The science behind Olympic six-packs, NPR Shots

On sleep and practice, Sweat Science

Stressed men like big butts, Scientific American

Back hurt? Take a hike, Runner’s World

I wonder if this will make rugby players stop drinking post match? Effects of alcohol on recovery, Sweat Science

A Harvard guy tells you how to run, Runner’s World

Would you like beet juice or really tart cherry juice? The New York Times Well

Which muscles are really used during the pedal stroke, Pink Bike

Altitude training makes you breathe harder, Sweat Science


One of the coolest fish in the sea, Adventure Journal

If you use a computer, you'll want to read this, Wired 


That’s not a Bible in your hotel’s bedside table, Worldhum


Books that shaped America, The Library of Congress

A conversation with photographer Bruce Davidson, Leica

Streets of Afghanistan photo exhibition, Kickstarter

A different kind of portrait project in Bhopal, The New York Times Lens

—Joe Spring