3. Clif Bar & Company

Berkeley, CA

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From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of all-natural and organic foods and drinks, including the organic certified Clif Bar energy bar, delivering nutrition for sustained energy, and LUNA, the whole nutrition bar for women. Committed to sustainability, Clif Bar & Company works diligently to reduce its footprint on the planet from the field to the final product.

Clif Bar & Company believes that people should come to work as their “whole selves” and encourages employees not only to bring their professional expertise to their daily responsibilities but also their authentic selves—their values, their uniqueness, and their passions. This allows us to connect on an emotional level to the company’s five aspirations: sustaining our business, sustaining our brands, sustaining our people, sustaining our community, and sustaining the planet.

Employees may opt to work a 980 schedule. In a 9/80 schedule, employees work 80 hours in nine days and take every other Friday off. This schedule assumes nine and a half hours worked Monday through Thursday and eight hours worked on every other Friday.

Employees enjoy an on-site, fully-equipped fitness facility, which includes a danceyoga studio, a massage room, showers, and towel service. Clif Bar offers employees a menu of 32 complimentary fitness classes per week, including spinning, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, circuit training, and seasonal classes such as ski conditioning. Employees enjoy free personal training and receive two and a half hours of paid workout time per week. We also offer: nutritional counseling; life coaching; subsidized massage services; an annual health fair with preventive health screening tests and info on holistic health options; wellness seminars, with topics like healthy eating, stress and holistic health; and an athletic-event reimbursement up to $350 a year.

Employees are encouraged to volunteer to the community through “Project 2080.” Employees volunteer at the organizations of their choice for as many hours as they like. In addition to local efforts, Clif Bar selects and sends volunteers to special development projects in places like India, Poland, and Romania. From 2007–2009, volunteers went to New Orleans to help rebuild communities still affected by the hurricane.

We have recycling bins throughout the office for paper, glass and aluminum, and each employee has desk-side recycling. We recycle packing materials and plastic wrap, and offer on-site battery and electronic recycling. In addition to our recycling efforts, we have compost bins in each kitchen and have “worm bins” in our warehouse. Through these efforts and others, Clif Bar & Company has diverted approximately 60 percent of our waste from landfills.

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