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Firing up the barbecue? This is the only sauce you’ll ever need.

The effort to reseed mollusks along Maine’s shorelines

L.A. chef and cookbook author Bricia Lopez gives us the tips and tricks to a Mexican-style grilling

Learning how to buy, cook, and eat meat after eight years of vegetarianism

Learning how to buy, cook, and eat meat after eight years of vegetarianism

Fast-food veggie burgers are hit-or-miss, but Shake Shack’s might be a winner

Though Andover Village Square is small, it houses a massive name in the Boston sandwich game: D’Agostino’s Delicatessen

Outside editors debate: Is “pancake” a flavor? Is syrup absolutely necessary? Are crepes just European pancakes?

If you’re sneezing, itching, and dodging pollen at every turn, it may be time to shift your focus to what’s on your plate

In desperate situations, is living off of wine a “pour” decision? We asked an expert.

Who is responsible? Without any real leads or suspects, the pastabilites are endless.

When the commercial crabber faced racism and bullying on the Chesapeake Bay, it fueled his willingness to take even bigger risks

Our editors share their best multitasking tips for fueling on the go

We’ve got classic vanilla, cookies ‘n cream filled, and so much s’more

The more time you spend outdoors, the more nutritious your food choices may be

Adventure bound with your family? Don’t forget the kid-friendly snacks.

Strange but ridiculously tasty food combinations to eat while high

Finding the best deli sandwiches near beloved bike rides

There’s a delicious thrill in chasing down the best of the best. In this case, we’ve rounded up the sweetest mountain town bakeries. Get your checklist ready, because you’ll want to sample something at each of these treasures.

We may never look at a peel the same way again

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Some unlikely new heroes are fighting climate change: American sheep and the people who care for them

New research shows a keto diet may indeed have benefits for older sedentary individuals - but for endurance athletes, not so much

Whether it’s boiling hot dogs, caramelizing vegetables, or cooking chicken, your favorite six-pack makes everything better

Why dieting can lead endurance athletes down an unsustainable path, and what to do in the face of diet-related pressure

Switching out my daily pre-run ritual for its distant relative

In 2021 the ‘About Damn Time’ singer made headlines for her take on nature’s oatmeal. Today she’s at it again with a chocolatey variation.

Plus, how to pick the best fish (and general seafood) for you and the environment

ChatGPT told me what to eat all day and I listened with an open mind and mouth

From "light your face on fire" to "mild-mannered comfort accent"

In a new National Geographic show, the Top Chef winner explores some of the world's most remote places and cuisines

Step aside, protein – new research shows that eating leafy greens holds a whole lot of potential for strengthening muscles

A tour of Island Creek Oysters gave me the insight on how microclimate affects the taste of these aquatic delicacies

An expert gives us an insight on cordyceps, and it turns out we have no reason to fear

Researchers look into how robotic bees encourage queens to optimize egg laying and assist with agricultural disasters

Is it healthy? Not so much. Is it vegetarian? Not exactly. Is it good? Well, actually…

These meals are a worthy option for overnight climbers and campers who want to eat real, delicious food with a finite life span

The ketchup conglomerate wants to celebrate the happy homecoming of Elvis Francois

A short ride outside Brindisi, in Italy’s Puglian countryside, reveals groves of olive trees as ancient as this region’s history

Mike Gabler appreciates food more than ever after 26 days of brutal challenges, coconuts, and pinching crabs

The Rodale Institute has moved from the family farmhouse to one of the single largest advocates and drivers of regenerative farming in the United States

Three-time world champion holder Jaan Roose is an expert at balance on the slackline and in the kitchen

Thaw out with this easy plant-based soup

Endurance athlete Mallory Arnold was struggling with extreme fatigue when her coach made an unexpected suggestion: start eating meat again

Regan's new memoir, ‘Fieldwork,’ documents her childhood in northern Indiana and her adult quest for the comforts and familiarity of home

We’ve found seven tourism operators to help you dine off the eaten path, at home and abroad

If you’ve ever seen a skier pull a hot dog out of a jacket pocket while on a chairlift or devour a towering plate of nachos back at the lodge, you know that few athletes chase calories harder than skiers

Why it’s important to have uncomfortable conversations at the dinner table – even with Great Uncle Dave

We explore one tasty reindeer game Rudolph doesn’t want to be part of

Whether you’re taking the holiday meal outdoors or need some recipe inspiration, we’ve got your Thanksgiving hosting needs covered

Baking your desserts and breads outdoors is not as intimidating as it sounds

Alleviate stress and free up space by using your grill as a second oven this holiday season

Whether you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly main or just want to switch things up, these meats will add some variety to your Thanksgiving meal

In ‘The Woks of Life,’ Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin Leung pay homage to the diverse Chinese American experience

As defenders of all things outdoors, we can’t let Paul Hollywood’s weird marshmallow hockey pucks stand

With his new cookbook, ‘Masa,’ the Masienda founder illustrates the variety of uses of the once overlooked corn flour

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If the last two years have taught us anything it’s that we need more time devoted to friends and laughter

Hours of testing, tasting, and innovating goes into these freeze-dried pouches

We’ve rounded up 11 restaurants where ‘Vegetarian Times’ writers and editors want to eat at again and again

Spending time in your garden now will set you up for success in the coming months

We’ve rounded up the top tips for the pumpkin patch. Plus, how to recycle your gourd post-holiday.

This trendy food also makes a great trail snack or meal

Whether you’re in need of a quick snack or an on-the-go meal, you deserve a bar that's both fulfilling and tasty

Packed with nutrients and flavor, mushrooms are trendy for a reason. We’ve rounded up the best snacks and meals for your next adventure.

From the delicious, to the palatable, to the borderline inedible

Score the best apple in the orchard with this advice

Dropped into the Canadian wilderness to forage ingredients, each contestant is forced to abandon their ego—and ask for help—to prepare a three-course meal

These four invasive animals are being served up on menus across the U.S.