The perfect whip for pub runs
The perfect whip for pub runs (Photo: State Bicycle Co.)

Four Peaks X Bike

A good-looking whip made specifically for hauling beer

The perfect whip for pub runs
Kip Malone

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State Bicycle Co. and Four Peaks Brewing just partnered to build the perfect whip for pub runs and ale transport.

Called the Four Peaks X, this bike has a lugged steel frame, a single-speed drivetrain, fenders, and mustache bars to get you to the bar in style. Even more importantly, the X includes a custom growler with a leather tie-down harness and a leather six-pack carrier. If necessary, the front basket can hold even more IPAs, while a bottle opener on the seat-tube is there if you need it.

We also like the price. At well under $1,000, the bike isn’t too precious to leave locked outside while you drink with your friends. 


Lead Photo: State Bicycle Co.

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