DIY homebrew. Without the Y.
DIY homebrew. Without the Y. (Photo: MiniBrew)


This device takes the hard work out of homebrew

DIY homebrew. Without the Y.

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If you want to brew beer but are put off by the time-consuming, tricky process, fear not: there’s now an easier way to craft your own IPAs.

The MiniBrew is an automatic system that does all the brewing, chilling, filtering, and fermentation for you. You control the process via a smartphone app that helps you find recipes, order supplies, and keep tabs on each stage of production. 

The unit doesn’t take up much counter space and it’s beautiful to boot, thanks to the three finish options (walnut, copper, and brushed stainless steel). Perhaps the best part of the MiniBrew is the portable mini keg that you can cart to backyard parties to share your handiwork.


Lead Photo: MiniBrew

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