Maple syrup gets a face-lift

And no, you’re not an inferior human being.

America’s favorite love-to-hate-it beer is no longer American

Plus a few other excellent things I learned at FUZE SW, a food conference you do not want to miss.

Canned beer has finally caught on, and that’s a good thing.

Less pearls, more swine in Reebok's product line.

The only tool you need to make dinner in the backcountry

There's a six-pack of cold ones waiting for you at base camp. The only problem? No bottle opener. Thankfully, we're here to help.

The animals are sturdy, low-maintenance, and their meat is more flavorful and has more protein than beef. Time to dig in.

Anheuser-Busch is flying a thousand people into Crested Butte, Colorado this weekend to film a star-studded, beer-drenched series of TV commercials. What could go wrong?

Let summer live on with a few more luaus

Yes, you can cook a steak on your engine. It's (mostly) safe and (mostly) easy, and it'll beat anything you can get at a drive-through.

Adults-only, liquor-infused popsicles to celebrate the start of the school year

Yes, Napa needs your support now more than ever. But if the great wine shortage of 2014 comes to pass, buy from these emerging wine regions.

You spoil your food with salt when you're dehydrated. So drink up before lighting up the grill.

The gentrification of cheap beer continues.

National park concessions are moving toward more sustainable foods, and that means tastier, greener meals for you.

Booze from the only country in the world that measures its progress by Gross Domestic Happiness.

It's the hoppiest day of the year!

Yes, trouble is brewing in hipster paradise.

That’s good ol’ raisins and crickets (yes, delicious and nutritious crickets), of course.

Have your cake, cookies, and candy—and eat it too. Just not all at once.

It isn't just about apples anymore

The Belgians have been brewing sour beer for centuries, and we're only just now starting to catch up. There are more sour ales in the United States than ever before, which means tastier—and more unique—beer for you.

Crowdsourced beer dispenser gives you access to any brew ever made, fresh on your kitchen counter—and maybe even beyond

Track down some made-here-at-home gear to celebrate the USA in style.

It’s simple, really. Just buy decent tequila, go with Cointreau, and for God’s sake, get some fresh limes.

Craft beer, sweet gear—what's not to love?

The world's oldest fermented beverage is back, and some creative brewers are making the modern version downright chalice-worthy

A pair of chemists think they have an edge in the prestigious competition. Are they all wet?

No longer just a party drink quarantined to tiki bars and beach-themed bonfire bashes, artisanal Rum is making a serious comeback.

None of the products on this list are necessary for a good time. But hey, partying itself is about indulgence. And if you’re already indulging, why not enjoy it all the more with these six pieces of summer gear?  Miir Growler ($60) Miir makes you…

Man's greatest culinary achievement since fire.

Desperate for your saucy, fiery fix? How about in vodka form? Drink at your own risk.

"Booch" is fermented non-alcoholic tea. Can it become the party drink of a much healthier future?

Our April 2013 magazine makes a foray into the bizarre but edible—from insects to IPAs. But it's not all about the shock factor.

An innovative sushi chef named Bun Lai has a new strategy in the war on invasive species: If you can’t beat ’em, plate ’em. Feral hog sashimi, anyone?

Bold concoctions made from foraged ingredients are coming to a keg near you.

What happens when a specialty grocery store that’s built a reputation on "natural" foods decides to open in America’s most health-obsessed city? Michael Behar makes a maiden voyage to find out.

Pressed for time? This made-in-minutes smoothie and bowl of oat bran will ensure that your nutrition is as high-quality as your workout.

A Canadian company wants you to believe that their nutrient-fortified, low-booze brew makes an awesome post-workout beverage. Should you buy in?

The biggest trend in American microbrewing is hangover-free, adventure-friendly sake. Kanpai!

A handful of entrepreneurs and nutritionists think it's time to start enhancing meat with the kind of healthy fat found in fish. And the new omega-3 beef is headed for a store near you.

With a little help from Her Goopness Gwenyth Paltrow, here's how to steer your kids away from the Game Boy and into some garden-friendly activities for lifelong health.

Camp 4 Collective put together this hype reel for Voke energy tabs, featuring Conrad Anker, Tyler Bradt and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa. …

Not to be upstaged by Cinco de Mayo, February 22 is recognized as National Margarita Day. Who are we to argue?

The unbarrelled, unaged spirit is still trending. With outdoor sipping season approaching, we unleashed our expert tasting team to select the best-in-batch.

Unlike February 14th, you probably won't regret it.

A grill master’s recipe for the ultimate rack of ribs. Steve Raichlen’s “Man Made Meals” hits the shelves this spring. Here is a little preview of what to expect – Jake’s Lamb Ribs!…

A grill master's recipe for the ultimate rack of ribs

For eons rulers, kings, and tough guys of all varieties turned to a warm, chocolaty comfort-beverage as their drink of choice. And you should, too.

When the perfect drink coincides with the perfect location, you get better than buzzed.

The Sonora Pass Café—and its chef—takes trail magic to new heights.

Snowflake, a limited-batch whiskey from a Colorado distillery, is so coveted that hundreds of people wait for hours in sub-zero weather just to get a bottle.

At the Olympic Training Center, these ingenious Russian-themed recipes have been turned into gold-medal performance grub.

Italians take their sandwiches seriously, and so should you. Even when you’re car camping.

When you’re discerning about the bean, brewing it in a beautiful setting isn’t enough.

Kick back, you earned it. And at one of these lively winter watering holes, you won't regret it.

New Belgium releases California Route Organic Lager

Southern pitmaster Drew Robinson shares his recipe for the world’s best sunrise-to-sunrise, fat-bubbling, beer-guzzling cooking party

Langdon Cook's new book seeks to demystify the strange—and sometime dangerous—world of mushroom hunting

There's a better way to spend Thanksgiving than watching football with your in-laws. Heads up: it's a little rugged.

Go beyond the classic hiking dessert with these new treats

5 recipes for getting loaded with Mother Nature

How do professional bike racers stay fresh and fit during grueling stage races? By eating meals perfectly tuned to deliver maximum performance and optimized recovery. Here are five of them.

North America’s top chefs share their tips and tricks for grilling burgers, fish, chicken, and more

Prep your quarry for dinner with this quick guide

Outside picks the best water bottles of May 2013, including the CamelBak Antidote 100

Take a page out of new books from Pollan, William McDonough, and Michael Braungart

Brew your morning joe the right way: manually.

The Qrave isn't flashy but has plenty of steak-searing power.

Kristofor Lofgren, sustainable seafood expert and founder of Portland, Oregon's Bamboo Sushi, talks about his business and the seafood industry

Some of the greats in local liquor

In the quest to make—and sell—the perfect drink, no one is going further than Scott Lindquist of Alaska Distillery. To concoct his premium vodkas, he hunts down 300-pound icebergs on Prince William Sound, then taps their ancient waters to power mysterious blends that keep winning awards. David Kushner heads north to sail and sip with the intrepid craftsman.

Artisanal and organic are wildly overrated when you have a bag of freeze-dried food to cook up after a bitterly cold backcountry day. So says Steven Rinella, who reveals his love affair with mummified grub.

By Dana Allen Fifteen miles down the road from Montana’s Whitefish Mountain Resort in Kalispell, Montana, Joe and Jules Legate, owners of Ridge Distillery, are crafting American absinthe. Once thought to be hallucinogenic, absinthe…

Farmers’ market bounty. Photo: Elizabeth Sullivan By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan Not so long ago, I went hiking with friends in Santa Fe. It was a Wednesday dawn patrol, and the night’s moon was still cloaked in darkness. On the way up, we walked at our own…

The ProteinPlus's blend of different proteins is more effective then whey protein alone.

Oskar Blues' cannery row. Photo: Ryan Dearth By Will McGough, Wake and Wander Growing up outside of Philadelphia, it was never much of a decision. There were no mountains to climb. We lived the city life…

The best blenders for whipping up recovery smoothies.

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