Blame it on the Naked Chef—suddenly everyone wants to know how to roll the perfect lumpia. Here are four resorts where you don't have to forgo active pursuits just to don your toque.

We’re not talking fries and fat, with fresh nowhere in sight. We’re talking about smart nutrition to help you charge up, trim down, and get the most out of mealtime. We picked the brains of top athletes for their favorite full-flavored quick-and-easy recipes. Prep time is less than ten minutes;…

Though we admire the ease of energy-replenishing snacks like Gu and PowerBars, man can’t live on them alone. So we asked top athletes, from marathoners to pole-vaulters, to cough up their best recipes—after all, if the fuel in their tanks isn’t effective, they’re out of work. They offered a variety…

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For many, camp cooking is a messy, disheartening, ultimately bland affair. But it doesn’t have to be. Take, for instance, the following gastronomical field trip, led by three of the nation’s finest chefs, maestros of the kitchen who—surprise!—are also no strangers to the demands of wielding a skillet in the…

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