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Sponsor Content: Mercedes-Benz

The Photographer Advocating for Our Planet

Cristina Mittermeier has inspired millions of people and has sparked conversations on complex issues with her breathtaking images

Mar 8, 2020
Sponsor Content: Greater Zion

Greater Zion Is a Multisport Paradise

In Southwest Utah, those who look beyond the national park will find every flavor of adventure, from slickrock mountain biking to red-rock canyoneering and climbing

Feb 15, 2020
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What You Missed at 4xFAR

In January we partnered with Land Rover on 4xFAR, a new breed of festival with live music, gear demos, and adventure workshops

Feb 4, 2020
Sponsor Content: Florida Keys

A Locals' Guide to the Florida Keys

We asked five of the Keys' most intrepid residents for their favorite outings, eateries, and watering holes

Feb 3, 2020
Sponsor Content: TRX

TRX Just Reinvented the Foam Roller

With multiple intensity zones and a unique three-sided design, the new TRX Rocker recovery tool takes foam rolling to the next level

Jan 17, 2020
Sponsor Content: Arc'teryx

Arc’teryx’s New Trips Are Just as Dialed as Its Gear

When the world’s best gear brand teams up with top mountain guides around the globe to build multi-day climbing, trail-running, and trekking journeys, you know it’s time to start training

Dec 30, 2019