Cable Crossover


The Muscles: Latissimus dorsi, pectorals
The Exercise: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Position yourself with your weak side perpendicular to the cable pulley, about an arm’s length away. Holding the cable grip with your arm extended from your side, pull the weight in an even plane, straight across the front of your body. Slowly return to the original position.

The Muscles: Latissimus dorsi
The Exercise: Kneel along the length of a bench, resting your palm on the bench in front of you. Keep your back flat. Hold a dumbbell with your other arm hanging straight down, just shy of locking. Pull the weight straight up to your abdomen. Make sure to keep your elbow in, as if your hand were on a puppet string. Slowly lower the weight.

The Muscles: Hip flexors
The Exercise: Stand perpendicular to the multihip machine. Position the pad of the weight pendulum at the back of your leg and above the bend in your knee. Hold yourself steady with the bar in front of you. Push the weight straight back, keeping your knee slightly bent. Slowly lower the weight, and take care to keep your hips and shoulders parallel.

The Muscles: Biceps
The Exercise: Stand straight and grasp a dumbbell with your weak-side hand. Don’t alternate arms until you finish the set. Rather, hold your other arm behind your lower back for support. Curl the weight to your chest, without using momentum to help you get it there. Lower it slowly.

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