Fitness ’97

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Outside magazine, February 1997

Fitness ’97
By Todd Balf

The Guru Speaks. You Should Listen.
Mark Allen, six-time winner of the Hawaii Ironman and unrivaled exemplar of the exceedingly fit, has called his career quits. Now he’s spilling the workout secrets that made him a success. A 16-week program for ultimate fitness, as tutored by the master.
By Todd Balf

Repeat after Mark: long and slow, long and slow, long and slow …

It’s time to kick it into high gear. Aren’t you glad you spent these
few short hours at the track?

Hurry up and weight: the four-part gym routine that’ll get you
where you want to go, fast.

Mental Training
You think you can, you think you can. Guess what: You can.


Giving your body what it craves, or the benefits of a little carne knowledge.

The Master’s Plan

Finding the Right Beat

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