Intake: A Meatless Path to Protein

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Outside magazine, September 1994

Intake: A Meatless Path to Protein
By Elaine Appleton

If you’ve been eating less meat, there may be a voice in your head telling you to up your protein intake. You should listen: Athletes need as much as seven grams of protein per ten pounds of body weight per day, and without much meat that takes work. Combining certain foods–rice-and-beans wisdom–packs a stronger protein punch, because most foods alone don’t give your body the
amino acids that it requires. Here are some of the best foods for the cause.

1. one-half cup of Grape Nuts
(Grains, six grams of protein)


one cup of low-fat yogurt
(Dairy, eight grams of protein)

2. one cup of tofu
(Legumes, 14 grams of protein)


two ounces of sesame seeds
(Nuts and Seeds, 15 grams of protein)

3. two slices of seven-grain bread
(Grains, six grams of protein)


two tablespoons of peanut butter
(Legumes, 16 grams of protein)

4. two cups of semolina-flour pasta
(Grains, 12 grams of protein)


one-half cup of cream sauce
(Dairy, seven grams of protein)

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