Nick Heil the Lab Rat
Nick Heil

The Lab Rat

Our man Nick Heil puts himself through the ringer in his fitness column.

Nick Heil the Lab Rat

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June 2009: Running Barefoot
When it comes to running footwear, sometimes less is more.

May 2009: The Perfect Squat
An old-school move holds the key to unlocking your power if only you can do it right.

February 2009: The Tortoise & The Stair
No mountain? No problem. As our man discovered, racing up a skyscraper provides a challenge as daunting as many high peaks.

December 2008: Short, But Not So Sweet
Want to get in shape on your coffee break? Try insta-workouts just don’t get carried away.

November 2008: The Hell On Earth Fitness Plan
There’s an ominous buzz coming from Salt Lake City’s Gym Jones, where owner and climber Mark Twight has created a torturous strength-and-conditioning program.

October 2008: Off The Wall
Is this parkour thing for real?

September 2008: Online Training
Inside the maddening new world of online training

August 2008: Physical Fitness Test
Uncle Sam’s Presidential Fitness program endorses video games. When did we go soft?

June 2008: Rowbike
Our man tests one of the wackiest fitness hybrids yet, a full-body-throttling rower on wheels.

February 2008: Tread Lightly
With the help of a gravity-busting treadmill, the Lab Rat endangers a world record.

January 2008: Holding My Own
New compression garments don’t call them tights get a grudging endorsement.

November 2007: Legal Aid
Can two ounces of 5-Hour Energy a fatigue-fighting drink that claims to be a healthy alternative to other sugar-rich energy drinks deliver?

September 2007: Elevated
Can Viagra really improve high-altitude performance?

July 2007: Quiet Feet
Go with the flow, say ChiRunners, and your legs will follow.

June 2007: The Payoff
Train with purpose, pack your calendar with challenging events, and something remarkable happens: Fitness ceases to be a chore and becomes part of your life.

March 2007: Chill Out
Our aching Lab Rat tests the world’s most expensive ice pack.

February 2007: Revving Up
Can a performance supplement be legal, healthy, and effective? The Lab Rat pops a fistful to find out.

January 2007: Pace Setter
With the latest iPod evolution, our human guinea pig turns on, tunes in, and…drops out?

December 2006: The Pain Cave
To find your limits, you must go past them.

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