Training in the heat can have the same effect on the body as training at altitude.
Training in the heat can have the same effect on the body as training at altitude. (Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Bauer)

8 Tools Athletes Use to Fight the Heat

Products to keep your core temperature down and your performance up

Training in the heat can have the same effect on the body as training at altitude.

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Recent studies show that training in the heat has a similar effect on the body as training at altitude. But that doesn't make it pleasant or, in some cases, safe. Here are eight products to help you keep your core temperature down and your performance up as you adapt to summer weather.


Mission Instant Cooling Towels ($18)

Mission’s Instant Cooling Towels are designed to absorb sweat and bring your temperature down after a workout. When soaked in water and rung out, the proprietary fabric cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature—think about it like draping a bag of ice around your shoulders. 

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(Medical Supplies and Equipment C)

Medical Supplies and Equipment Company Hydrotherapy Tub ($5,255)

Ice-water immersion is the most effective treatment for heat-related illness in athletes, and it's a useful rehab technique, too. Medical Supplies and Equipment Company (MSEC) makes hydrotherapy tubs, similar to the kind you see in the locker room scenes of sports movies. 

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Solumbra Ultra Athlete Shirt ($99)

​Solumbra makes a wide range of sun-protective clothing, including a full body suit used by many ultramarathoners to run the Badwater 135-mile race in Death Valley. The Ultra Athlete shirt was constructed with huge vented panels, and the fabric is rated at 100+ UPF. 

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(Hammacher Schlemmer)

Hammacher Evaporative Cooling Cap ($29)

From the outside, the Evaporative Cooling Cap from Hammacher Schlemmer looks like a dorky hiking lid. But the fabric and technology were developed by the military’s go-to source for cooling gear. The hat was designed to be submerged in water, which is absorbed into the inner liner and vaporizes slowly over a few hours, keeping your dome 20 degrees cooler than the air temp. 

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Columbia Zero Rules Short Sleeve Shirt ($39)

Columbia created an entire line of proprietary fabric for the sole purpose of keeping athletes cool. The Zero Rules short sleeve shirt is made from the company’s proprietary Omni-Freeze fabric, which dips to a lower temperature when activated by sweat. This shirt is also rated to 30 UPF. 

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Patagonia Nine Trail Hydration Vest ($79)

Hydration. Just about any water bottle will do, but if it’s really hot, you’re going to want more than a liter. Patagonia’s Nine Trails hydration vest was designed for long hauls with room for a two-liter bladder or multiple soft bottles. 

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(Eddie Bauer)

Eddie Bauer Quantum Shirt ($60)

The Quantum Shirt from Eddie Bauer is marketed as “the world's only sweat-activated venting system.” That means this shirt comes with built-in sweat vents—laser-cut in places where you're likely to get the hottest—that open when they get wet. 

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

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