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Fitness Tips from a Mother and Personal Trainer

Losing 100 pounds was only the beginning. Here’s how Brianna Bernard, a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and mother, stays healthy every day. 


In 2014, with a newborn baby in her arms, Brianna Bernard set out to lose some weight and get her fitness back. Little did she know that just a year later she’d have lost 107 pounds and changed her life forever. Her newfound love of fitness and nutrition led the former stay-at-home mom to become a personal trainer, eventually founding her own online diet and exercise consultancy.

Today, staying fit has infiltrated every aspect of Bernard’s life—a key to success in her eyes. “Fitness changed my relationship with food and exercise,” she says. “It changed my career path. It changed the way I parent my child and the activities we do together.” Between running a business and raising her son, who’s now six years old and full of energy, Bernard has mastered the art of fitting it all in.

How Bernard Stays Strong

Don’t Fall for Fads: “The key to my success was implementing healthy habits that I could sustain. At some point, if you’re on a ketogenic diet you’re going to want to eat a piece of bread. But that completely derails you. It’s not realistic in the long term.”

Do Fat-Burning Exercises: “I love battle ropes, burpees, boxing, and medicine-ball slams. But one of my favorite things to do outside is to run an old set of wooden stairs along the Mississippi River bank in Minneapolis. It’s absolutely beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, and being in nature is a great distraction.”

Protect Your Joints: “I tend to get clients that have a lot of weight to lose—also moms and grandmothers. Especially for those older clients, they tend to get aches and pains, and the same is true for people carrying extra weight. My knees and my feet hurt every day before I lost weight. Now, I have a cup of ISOPURE COLLAGEN™ every day. It really helps with joints.”

Try Brianna’s Busy Mom Workout: “I encourage all of my mom clients with babies and toddlers to throw the kids in the stroller and take them for an outdoor workout in the local park.” Here’s her go-to workout:

Walking lunges with stroller (50 reps)
Park-bench push-ups (15)
Park-bench triceps dips (15)
Jumping jacks (50)
Park-bench step-ups (20 per leg)
Forearm plank (60 seconds)
Side plank (left and right sides, 30 seconds each)
Squat jumps (15)
Arm circles, forward (60 seconds)
Arm circles, backward (60 seconds)
Body-weight shoulder presses (60 seconds)

Nourish Your Body: “I always recommend that people lead with real food like a lean animal protein and a mashed sweet potato or protein-rich quinoa. My favorite way to refuel is grilled salmon and roasted broccoli. But people are time-crunched these days. That’s where quick products like protein powder or yogurt come in. Between meals, I love ISOPURE INFUSIONS™ Citrus Lemonade or Mixed Berry protein drinks.”

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