How to Make a BeerPak


This year I decided to add some texture to my early season racing by creating a fully functional beerpak. My racing teammate and I have used these two years in a row at the 12 Hours of Temecula. We scored podium spots both times, once in the co-ed duo (1st) and once in the 4-person open (3rd). TeamBeer Pak has a dress code: cut off flannel shirts, beer paks, cargo shorts and a good attitude. Here's how you can join the club.
–Heidi Volpe

First Things First

1. Drink the keg.

2. Take off the top pieces that dispense the beer.


3. Collect your tools:

Flat screw driver
Multi tool
Dremel tool with sanding attatchment
Left-cut aviation snips

Get Started
(FYI – For safety and end results, we recommend not starting after you've been drinking. See last step.)


1. Use the Lenyz multi tool and the screw driver to pop off the top plastic grey piece of the keg

2. Cut the plastic collar out of the Camelbak bladder along with it’s lid. Keep collar and lid as one piece.

3. Trace the edge of the clear plastic piece on top of the barrel. This is the area you will cut out

4. Take the awl and punch some holes along your traced circle to get the cutting hole started.

5. Use the left-cut aviation snips and cut out the circle. Take out the white piece and the small hose of the keg and discard.

6. Put on your 3M respirator mask and safety glasses, then use the Dremel tool to sand the edges smooth. 

7. Trace a circle where you want your hose to exit on the barrel. Cut that out using the same method as described above.

8. Snugly insert your elbow plumbing joint and sand the edges with the Dremel tool.


9. Now you have 2 options. Place the entire bladder in the empty keg or snugly fit the top of the old bladder collar to the circle you cut out and run your hose out the plumbing elbow.

10. Take an old Camelbak, customize it to carry your barrel. You will need to have extra straps added. 

This set up is owned by my beerpak racing teammate Mario Correa. All the cool gadgets are courtesy of his tool box. The pak was created Mike Caffery also known as a guy who can make anything.

11. In Case of Emergency
Apply force to the keg when project goes awry. Please use safety glasses