Lance Armstrong Gets Stung!


By natural foods energy company Honey Stinger that is. As the company's official press release states today, Armstrong has signed on as a part owner. Moving forward, he'll be involved with product and business development and, presumably, be fueled by the company's bars, gels, and chews. (Read more about Honey Stinger, the new partnership, and Armstrong's thoughts about partnering up with small companies like Honey Stinger, which currently has only eight employees at this CNBC story.)

Honestly, we're not that surprised. We've been big fans of Honey Stinger's products for years and we've known that Armstrong, who now resides part of the year in Aspen, has been training and entering mountain bike races with some of Steamboat Springs–based company's employees for quite some time.

We tried to reach Armstrong yesterday to ask what his favorite flavor was (for our part, we're especially partial to their pomegranate passion energy chews), but he was prepping for the Tour of the Gila, which begins today right here in the Land of Enchantment.  —Sam Moulton