Plus, Lance Armstrong’s favorite on-the-bike snack

What riders eat to make it through the world’s toughest bike race

How has eating changed at the world’s biggest bike race? We made it our mission to find out.

Products to keep your core temperature down and your performance up

And why they’re more susceptible to diet trends

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It sounds too good to be a true, but a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist just developed a new product, HOTSHOT™, the first-ever scientifically proven sports shot to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Here's everything you need to know about 1.7 oz of Neuro Muscular Performance.

Snacks to keep the engine running all day.

What Mike Horn will eat when he walks to both poles

A runner cannot exist on sports drinks alone. Here's how to refuel on your toughest runs.

There's more to life than drinking smoothies after every run. Here are 10 great options to help you rebuild after tough workouts.

Stay fueled without feeling stuffed with one of these quick-and-easy options

Why Aussie athletes often turn to supplements when living high

With some smart strategizing, you can make seven healthy dinners a week without missing a single workout

The secret to a healthy diet that endures? Find your tribe.

Here’s your cheat sheet for stoking the furnace during winter workouts

Faves tweaked to optimize performance and recovery

Making nutritional information more prominent is only useful to the extent that people actually act on the information they receive

A growing number of quick-fix supplements have a dirty secret, and it’s killing young, otherwise healthy people looking for an edge. So what is the FDA going to do about it?

A new study brings up two more glaring reasons to avoid hitting the wall in training

Why ultrarunners, climbers, and NFL linemen are turning to plant power

The human body is awash with microbes, inside and out. And scientists are now discovering just how important that is for athletes.

Best practices for a good buzz

A new book takes a look at the additives in our foods—one white powder at a time.

And how to put off being totally, utterly f*ed

A new study would have us believe that we have to work harder now to maintain a healthy weight. But is it true?

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Not even the most brutal conditions and toughest races can stop these athletes

Do you really need the calories or just want them out of habit?

Unpacking the buzz around the latest performance food

Stay energized and last longer

The so-called superfood is attempting a comeback, but don’t be fooled by its siren call

Don't let decision fatigue daunt you. Underneath all those wrappers lay a few core principles to fuel your workouts.

Plant-based diet practitioners are going crazy for this Southeast Asian fruit

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New findings shed light on cramping, the longtime bane of endurance athletes everywhere

We test three of the latest performance fuels in search of the ultimate podium snack

Recent news about the popular bacon-infused diet, explained

No, athletes aren't OD'ing on salt pills. But here's when you should lay off of them.

It's your final chance of the day to recover from training and to prep muscles for tomorrow's adventure. Follow the lead of these eight athletes.

Could oil infused water be your next hydration beverage?

A new study hints that the popular summertime appetizer could boost athletic performance. But don’t go nuts just yet.

Cutting through the hype about chia, flax, hemp, pumpkin, and sesame seeds

Keep it fresh—and save money—with homemade fuel

Simple meals to fuel all of your athletic endeavors

You don’t need to go all in to reap health and performance benefits from the famous diet

The best fuel of 2015.

Here's how world-class athletes do the trickiest meal of the day

From ultra-athlete Rich Roll’s new cookbook, "The Plantpower Way"

I enjoy beer in moderation, even when training for races. But I have friends who stop drinking entirely for a month leading up to the big day. Are they on to something?

The real takeaway: nutrition labels just aren't working

Pro peloton racer Ted King knows his way around the business end of a spatula.

On some gut level, you already know that trends like “raw,” “alkaline,” and the “warrior diet” are useless—harmful, even. The key to not falling for them? Think macro.

A new cookbook seeks to make the world’s most restrictive diet palatable

Presenting a fresh line of meals that are sure to sate your inner caveman.

Are biotech entrepreneurs on the leading edge of science or just looking to make a quick buck? A little of both, probably.

Yes, Happy Meals, according to recent research, make for a surprisingly effective post-exercise meal. But the real takeaway has nothing to do with the Golden Arches: real food—not expensive bars or scientifically formulated shakes—is almost always best.

The herb offers a caffeine fix similar to that of coffee, plus vitamins and other beneficial plant compounds. But you have to get over the hay-like smell, wood chip taste—and potential health pitfalls.

The not-so-surprising finding: Above all else, we love little drops of chocolate and sugar

A new cookbook breaks some traditional Paleo rules. Result: It's packed with recipes you'll actually want to make.

You favorite supplements—now available in powder form

Pasta’s street cred has taken a hit recently as more athletes shun gluten and prioritize whole grains. But spaghetti still deserves a place on your plate for the simple reason that it's one of the best performance foods you can buy.

Microbes are now being hawked to athletes to prevent sickness and improve recovery. We talked to several experts to separate hype from fact.

Maybe. But first, don't assume you're actually iron deficient.

Performance-enhancing recipes from Simon Lusky, the baseball team's head chef.

For the first time, the energy-boosting adhesives are being marketed specifically to athletes. Here's what you need to know about them.

Stop that lawnmower! Your urban backyard is packed with hidden performance-enhancing plants that can be tossed together to make an ancestral wonder meal.

Bottom line? Eat like an elite to maximize health and performance.

Ambronite is a new competitor in the meal-on-the-go market. But is it any better than offerings like Soylent?

An undiagnosed reaction to your pre-race meal could be hurting your athletic performance. Here's how to pinpoint—and fix—the issue.

Because no one podiums at noon or tags a summit at dusk without a proper first meal.

You have no idea how much food can be found right outside your door. In Part 6 of Natural Born Heroes series, a veteren forager teaches Christopher McDougall how to get the most out of his front lawn. …

Some of these funky foods from races all around the world will give you a performance boost. Others you should avoid at all costs.

Why even the healthiest athletes stock their carts with Lucky Charms and Ben & Jerry’s—and how to beat the junk-food craving once and for all.

Guess what? The latest trend food has been at aid stations for decades, and for good reason. Broth is packed with muscle-boosting minerals and sodium for post-race recovery. Here's why, and when, to drink up.

Exactly what alcohol does to athletic performance

Restaurants make us impulsive, which means it can be hard to turn down the cheesecake no matter how big a label it comes with.

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