These are the products our editors always pack.
These are the products our editors always pack. (Studio Six/Stocksy)

Our Editors’ Favorite Snacks

Whenever we hit the road for a daylong sufferfest or weekend adventure, we stock up on these bars and gels

These are the products our editors always pack.
The Editors

Here in Santa Fe, we spend most of our free time doing things that require lots of energy—days at the crag, long runs and rides on buttery singletrack, mornings skinning up the local ski hill, and a number of other things you realize are rad only after you’ve finished them (read: Type A fun). On those days, most of our fuel comes from something wrapped in a package. And since we’ve seen our fair share of sports nutrition products land on our desk, we’ve had ample opportunity to sort through what’s worth bringing along and what’s better left behind. Read on for the products our editors always pack.

Clif Bar, Iced Gingerbread ($16 for 12)

(Courtesy Clif)

I am a Clif Bar devotee. While I usually snack on the coconut chocolate chip or blueberry crisp, at this time of year I absolutely love the gingerbread flavor. It’s nice to have something new to throw into the mix after nine months of the same old stuff. These are definitely treat-yourself flavors, but it’s winter! Might as well snack on something delicious and comforting. —Jenny Earnest, social media manager

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Epic Bar, Bison Bacon Cranberry ($25 for 12)

(Courtesy Epic)

These are my pick, for sure. Nothing makes me happier when I’m on a river than getting a little hungry, remembering that I tossed one of these bars into my pack in the morning, and digging in. And it could just be me, but I’m pretty convinced my dog runs back to me faster than usual when she smells one being opened. Paired with an apple, it’s enough to keep me fishing for another few hours. —Jonah Ogles, articles editor

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Picky Bars, Smooth Caffeinator ($2.75)

(Courtesy Picky Bars)

They may look tiny, but these bars pack both chocolate and caffeine, which is all I need to be happy before or after a run. And even though they taste like Nutella, they don’t sit heavy in my stomach. Plus, they’re free of any scary, mysterious things hiding in the ingredient list. —Molly Mirhashem, associate editor

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GoMacro Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ($38 for 15)

(Courtesy GoMacro)

For a snack that tastes like real food and doesn’t leave you with a wonky stomach or hunger pangs an hour later, there’s no better option. All GoMacro bars are made with real-food-based ingredients that are high in protein and slow-burning carbs, so you’re satisfied enough to get through your workout or an afternoon at your desk. The peanut butter chocolate chip flavor has the added benefit of tasting like dessert. —Carly Graf, assistant editor

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Betty Lou’s PB&J Bar ($27 for 12)

(Courtesy Betty Lou's)

Unlike sandwiches, these petite gluten-free bars survive indefinitely inside my pack. They’re sugary and tasty enough to qualify as a treat but give 5 grams of protein to eliminate the bonk factor. —Aleta Burchyski, copy editor

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UnTapped Maple Waffle ($32 for 16)

(Courtesy Untapped)

These are hands down the best-tasting waffles I’ve ever tried. The raspberry flavor is made with actual fruit, the coffee flavor is made with actual coffee beans (with a caffeine kick), and all flavors are made with real maple syrup. Plus, I can feel good about eating a product that comes from a family-run operation with deep roots in the ski community. —Ariella Gintzler, assistant gear reviews editor

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Natti Bar ($32 for 16)

(Courtesy Natti Bar)

Although I’ve never been much of a bar fan, these have become my go-to trail snack after discovering them earlier this year. They are super simple: a single dehydrated banana in bar form. For people like me whose stomachs churn at the thought of a sugary or overly processed snack, Natti Bars provide a tasty, potassium-filled solution. —Marie Sullivan, associate video editor

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Clif Builder’s Protein Bar, Chocolate Mint ($13 for 12)

(Courtesy Clif)

I eat one of these in the middle of every morning to help tide me over until lunch. Most protein-heavy bars taste like crap, but the mint flavor makes this one lighter and actually delicious, and it still provides a whopping 20 grams of protein. —Ben Fox, associate gear editor

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Lead Photo: Studio Six/Stocksy

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