Tuliamuk had secured her spot in the Tokyo Olympics—then 2020 happened. Fortunately, she’s always run for more than just the medals.

New research sifts through the evidence to figure what types of intervals make you fastest

The multiple American record holder is a huge fan favorite—does that give us a biased view of her case?

Will Trials of Miles’ scrappy approach work after COVID? 

The mile isn’t just another race distance. It’s almost its own sport.

All types of athletes can benefit from quicker instincts

A DIY almond—or cashew, or sunflower—spread should be a staple in any kitchen

The former Harvard rower is making the most of a six-month sabbatical from his new job at Zwift

In a new event for Outside+ members, meet and train with the stars of Team USA

Exercise causes pain, but it also dulls it. Researchers are still trying to understand how that works.

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Techniques to see success and overcome obstacles in your next race

These tools are suitable for beginners and hard-charging athletes alike

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Whether training or racing, you’re going to hit some challenges. Here’s how to motor on.

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Runner Obi Nwankwo walks viewers through the best ways to up your mental game and focus on your training.

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The record he needs to break? 52 days.

It’s a fun, easy DIY project that will help elevate any meal or snack

A new study tests how much cycling it takes to maximize cognitive function in endurance athletes

Since Mary Cain spoke out about the Nike Oregon Project in 2019, a growing wave of young runners have come forward with their own allegations of negligent coaching and toxic team cultures across the sport

Body fat is not a reliable indicator of health. So why are we obsessed with it?

Incorporating steep inclines into your training can help improve strength, agility, endurance, and more

What you should know about safely returning to sports after pregnancy

One editor transformed his sunroom into a workout studio-cum-playroom with this customizable flooring

The latest deaths raised questions about the role of COVID, but analyses of nearly a century’s worth of climbing records suggest some consistent patterns

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With a little planning and some inspiration, you can make this the summer of alfresco dining

‘Nike’s Big Bet’ argues that the banned coach is too important to the company’s image

Why you should perfect the humble plank before programming sport-specific core exercises

A new study looks for adaptations in the placenta, and finds positive effects from exercise during pregnancy

And what happens to your brain when you finally nail it

Recent studies looking into a phenomenon known as post-traumatic growth show that it's possible to thrive after challenging life events. Here's how.

Your microbiome absolutely impacts your health, but taking postbiotic supplements won’t do anything to help

A bad sleeper tries to train her brain with the help of virtual jellyfish, space-flight simulations, and the URGOnight device

Researchers are searching for telltale clues in your strength, flexibility, or body position that signal an impending injury. It’s harder than you think.

For two years, I logged nearly 70 snack varieties in a spreadsheet on my search for the perfect adventure snack

Constant adaptation is the key to lifelong endurance

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Expert tips for keeping your dog healthy, happy, and keen for any type of outdoor activity

‘Head on a Swivel’ shows how running as a person of color can be an act of defiance

The two-time Olympian is motivated for this year’s Boston Marathon, even as she considers a prospective career as an ultrarunner

A new analysis digs into who overheats and which conditions are most risky, with surprising results

Setting high goals is great, but how you deal with falling short determines how long you’re willing to keep chasing them

What separates the best endurance athletes from everyone else isn’t their amazing lab test data or power values—it’s how well they maintain those values after a few hours of exhausting exercise

This week’s episode of HBO’s ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ offers raw scenes from the infamous race

Watching strangers get their spines adjusted on Chirogram is my pandemic catharsis

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