Pasta la Allen

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Fitness ’97, February 1997

Pasta À la Allen

Mark Allen’s dietary beliefs may differ from those of his peers-still, once a triathlete, always a triathlete. Which means pasta. But Allen makes sure to add calories from sources other than carbohydrates to balance his meal, as in this, his Walnut Parsley Linguine.

Ingredients: 12 ounces fresh pasta, one-quarter cup chopped walnuts, one-quarter cup grated Parmesan cheese, one handful chopped parsley, four cloves minced garlic, one vegetable bullion cube, two tablespoons olive oil, three tablespoons fresh sage, three tablespoons chives, salt, white wine.

Directions: Combine walnuts, cheese, and herbs in a bowl. Sauté garlic in olive oil, add bullion stock and a splash of white wine, and simmer uncovered to cook off alcohol. Cook pasta al dente and rinse. Combine pasta with hot garlic sauce and walnut mixture, and then toss. Serves two to three.

Calorie breakdown: carbohydrates, 46 percent; protein, 15 percent; fat, 39 percent.

The benefits: With a solid foundation of carbos from the pasta, protein and fat from the walnuts and cheese, and an extra bit of fat from the oil, this meal provides what you need the night before an endurance odyssey. While its total fat content is a bit high for everyday consumption, the fat is mostly unsaturated and boosts the body’s essential
fatty acids to provide energy for long aerobic outings. Maybe not the best for weeks 1 or 16, but just what your body will be asking for come week 10.

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