The Performance Insiders
The Performance Insiders

The Performance Insiders

The team of experts at Core Performance trains everyone from Olympic Gold Medalists to Super Bowl champions and All-Stars in every major sport.

The Performance Insiders

Luke Richesson

A performance coach who has trained top NFL draft picks, Luke is a leader at developing strength, power, and athleticism. He does not, however, field questions related to negotiating signing bonuses.

Paul Robbins

A metabolic specialist who’s designed training programs used by NASA, Paul will cover cardio training and conditioning.

Sue Falsone

Head physical therapist for Athletes’ Performance and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sue will field questions on injury-proofing your body, alleviating pains, and returning from injury.

Craig Friedman

The director of methodology for Athletes’ Performance, Craig creates workouts for athletes in every sport. Ask him how to schedule your week in fitness, or for new, boredom-defeating exercises.

Nick Winkelman

A performance specialist who works with high-powered executives, Nick deciphers the most complex, wonky fitness jargon with ease.

Anthony Slater
Anthony is the Head Performance Coach at Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California. He’ll field questions related to strength and speed improvement.