Belgian Man Finishes 365 Marathons in 365 Days


A Belgian man who's been running marathons every day for the past year, completed his 365th race on Saturday in Barcelona, Spain, according to the Daily Mail. Running 365 days' worth of marathons (9,569 miles total) earned 49-year-old Stefaan Engels his second Guinness World Record.

Engels first achieved a Guinness World Record in 2008 after finishing 20 Ironman Triathlons in a year. Although his high level of athletic performance may seem natural, Engels was diagnosed with asthma as a child and discouraged from sports. He has clearly found ways to compensate for his pulmonary shortcomings.

“After running 20 triathlons in one year, I was not ready to go back to normal life,” he said.

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–Will Grant

London Marathon. Courtesy of Flickr