Faced with heart damage and debilitating long-haul COVID-19, the author asks himself hard questions, and keeps dreaming.

What if you had the chance to redress nature’s imbalance, change the luck of the genetic draw, level the playing field. What would you do?

As those who fell short at the Olympic Trials demonstrate, accepting failure and rekindling dreams is the essence of what we do.

Time hasn’t stopped, it just feels that way. Runners know better, and that knowledge of passing time can help us optimize each day and be present in each hour.

Spring smells like Boston, and travel, hinting at fresh possibilities that lift the spirit.

Reflections on fitness and health, long-haul COVID, choices, and consequences.

Three simple strategies to keep ourselves moving forward while we wait for change.

An award-winning science fiction writer paints a compelling — and rather disturbing — vision of running in the near future.

Our running footprints can make any route special with memories of growing fitness, strength and speed.

Winter has a way of making every run an adventure and every setting magical — offering the chance to see the world new and fresh as we get in a great workout.

Lifelong runners often stay adaptable and motivated to run their best at any age by reseting their expectations, routines and goals.

After arthritis took running away long ago, this coach found himself jumping into a virtual race and awakening a lost drive.

A few running steps remind the author how integrated and ingrained running is in his life — and body.

There’s a reason you feel tired: Not knowing where the end is. How the running mindset can help, and how living through the pandemic might make us better runners.

Pain can be a performance ally if you take steps to manage your perspective on it.

Watch a cross country race and you'll be reminded of all that is good in the sport.

6 key perspectives I’ve learned from my favorite psychology books

My dogs love every run, with no goals, measurements or expectations. I need that right now.

A doctor’s question reveals how completely the sport is woven into one runner’s life.

Time-trial PRs aren’t the same as “real” PRs. Who cares?

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