Everything Is Fine, Nothing Is Broken

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When things are going well, organizational dysfunction often stays hidden. But sometimes it is obvious. Dysfunctional organizations, for example, make arbitrary decisions, contradictory decisions, or no decisions when they are needed.

Incidentally, according to the Associated Press, the United States Track and Field Association will wait until the conclusion of the London Olympic Games, in mid 2012, to renew its search for a chief executive officer. That news comes a week after the organization settled a wrongful-termination suit with its former CEO and a month after rumors surfaced that a member of its own board was considering nominating herself for the job, which has been vacant since October.

Track and field is not on solid ground in the United States. I'm not even sure how much USATF really matters to the health of the sport, but it is hard to see its performance over the past year as anything but troubling news.

—Peter Vigneron

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