Isner and Mahut Marathon Match Continues

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John Isner and Nicolas Mahut have just begun a third consecutive day of play at Wimbledon in a match that has become a true test of endurance.  According to the LA Times, Isner, an American, and Mahut, a Frenchman, had already logged exactly ten hours of match time before beginning again today.  Just over seven of those ten hours came in the fifth set alone, enough to shatter the 6:33 record for total match length set at the 2004 French Open.

At some point during the second day of the their monstrous fifth set, Isner and Mahut began breaking records across the board, many of which had stood for decades.  By the time the official signaled for a second recess, the pair had played 881 points, tallied a combined 193 aces, and played more games in their final set than had ever been played in any match at Wimbledon, a tournament that began in 1887.

Today, Isner and Mahut began play again at 59-59 in the fifth set.  They're playing on Court 18, a far cry from the vaunted Center Court, but all attention is on them.  Even Queen Elizabeth, who hasn't been to Wimbledon in 33 years, has ventured out to see Isner and Mahut make more history.

–Riley Blanton

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