Jared Fogle’s Marathon Training


He's back. And he has a new schtick. Jared Fogle became famous in commercials that lauded him for losing weight by eating Subway sandwiches. According to Subway, he started off at 425 pounds and made his way down to 190, with the help of their subs at lunch and dinner. While he credits the chain for helping to save his life, he's left the comfort of his sandwich routine and branched out into other food groups. Perhaps he branched out too much–photos surfaced of his weight gain late last year–but he's getting back on track. His new focus: preparing for the New York City Marathon in November. His work out buddies: Michael Phelps and Ryan Howard. Outside Online caught up with the diet star to talk about food, weight, running, and life with his soon-to-be wife.

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–Aileen Torres 

So, are you still the Subway guy?
Last time I checked. It’s sort of funny when you lose your last name. Now my first name is “Jared,” my middle name is “From,” and my last name is “Subway.”

Any problems with being so closely connected in the popular mind with a fast-food chain?
Problems? No. It's good to be associated with a positive brand like Subway that values healthy choices and an active lifestyle. There are some great perks–I haven’t had to pay for a sandwich in quite a while…

Who is Jared when he's not linked with Subway? What is your day job, hobbies, etc.?
I live in Indianapolis and try to live as normal a life as I can. My biggest hobbies are playing and watching sports. I am a big Hoosiers basketball fan and a big Colts fan.

Rumor has it you gained more than 40 pounds back last year. How'd it happen? Are you losing the weight again?
I had a hiccup towards the end of 2009, but since then I have been very vigilant about getting back to my fighting weight. I'm eating more Subway and training to run the ING New York City Marathon.

What made you decide to train for the Marathon?
I'm 32 years old, and it's the start of a new decade. There's no time like the present!

What is your marathon training regimen?
I do least two short runs each week and one long run. I add a mile each week to the long one, which is currently at seven miles. I also cross-train with weights.

What is a typical food day for you? Does it still involve Subway sandwiches?
I still eat Subway a few days a week, but not every single day. One of the nice things about running more is I can eat more, too. I still try to choose healthier options.

You're now engaged. Does your fiancée help you keep tabs on what you eat?
Sometimes she'll literally slap my hand. She is very supportive. It's nice to have someone who supports you and what you are doing.

Any plans for doing other races?
I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out what this whole runner's high is all about. Maybe next I'll train for the national ping-pong tournament. I might have a shot at winning that one. I'm joking, of course.