The Marathon Diaries: Registration


Tomorrow is the day of judgement; It's the last day to register for the Nike for Women marathon, in San Francisco on October 17th. A little over a month ago, former Outside intern and New York Times writer Christina Erb and I made a pact to train for this particular marathon, as she blogged about here. Tomorrow, we are faced with the reality of our decision: If we register, this is for real. We will be running 26.2 miles.



I, like Christina, am not much of a runner. It might be that playing soccer for the better part of my life burned me out on running or that I prefer to get my exercise snowboarding, surfing, hiking, or mountain biking. Before now, I'd sporadically (very sporadically) go for a three-mile jog that left me winded and unexcited to run again.

Something has changed in me now that I have a goal in mind. With each training run (schedule poached from Justin Nyberg's Yes You Can article from the March 2010 issue of Outside), I feel like I've crossed something off a long to-do list. So far, the majority of our runs have been short. 1.5 miles? Check. 2 miles? Check. Today, our longest so far, was a whopping 3.5 miles. Not so impressive, right?

But, training in small increments like this feels important. I want to tackle each short distance and feel like a master of it. I want to run the 1.5 miles with energy, a strong stride, and, thus, graduate to a longer distance. Stacking the building blocks of marathon training will matter most when our runs have culminated to double digits.

What inspired me? As a marathon virgin, I simply want to see if I can do it. 

Never done it before either? Run with us. Register here