Norwegian Race Walker Banned for Doping

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The secretary general of the Norwegian Athletics Federation, Kjetil Hildeskor, has said that race walker Erik Tysse has tested positive for the blood booster CERA, the AP reports.

Tysse's “A” and “B” samples, taken from an event in Italy in May and tested at a laboratory in Rome, tested positive,  according to Hildeskor.  At a press conference in Oslo Tuesday, Tysse denied having used illegal drugs and questioned how the tests were analyzed.

Tysse, who placed fifth in the 50-kilometer race walking event at the Beijing Olympics, will miss next week's European Championships in Barcelona because of the suspension.

Race walking is similar to distance running events with the exception that racers must keep in contact with the ground and straighten their front knee until it has passed under their body.  Failure to do so may result in fouls and disqualification.

Tysse went on to say that he had “nothing to hide” and would fight to clear his name.

–Michael Webster

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