Nun Runs Across 50 States for Orphans

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Lisa Smith-Batchen–one of the world's premier ultra-runners–and Sister Mary Beth Lloyd have nearly completed running across 50 states in 62 days to raise $1 million for orphans across the world. Lloyd, who baptized Batchen as a child and used to coach cross-country at New Jersey's Drew Walsh Academy, has helped build 15 missions over the years, while Smith-Batchen helped raise money for her in the U.S.

“We decided we needed to do something together,” Smith-Batchen said. “I'll be 50 in September and wanted to see the country.”

Smith-Batchen starts running at 5:30 each morning, averaging 4.5-minute-miles on her Garmin. She runs 50 miles a day, while Sister Lloyd does 20. The duo complete their odyssey this Saturday at the Spud Drive-In in Driggs, Idaho, around 6:30 p.m. After this? “I'm resting on Sunday and then doing Badwater in three weeks,” says Smith-Batchen.

To donate to their cause–“$1 makes a huge difference”–or learn how you can stage your own fund-raising race, visit

–Stayton Bonner

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