Olympian Nick Symmonds Attempts a World Record in the Beer Mile

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It's unlikely that much of runner Nick Symmonds' pre-Olympic training began at a table covered in cans of Coors, but the Games are over. Symmonds has moved on from his fifth place finish in the 800m in London, as evidenced by the recently released videos of his attempt to break the world record in the beer mile. He began by training at a table, chugging a beer in a respectable 8.9 seconds. Symmonds then moved to the track to start the real work. He had to down a beer before each of the four laps required to complete a mile. If he threw up, he had to run a fifth lap as a penalty.

Symmonds was able to run a 5:19 mile, which you can see in the video below. The mark was good enough for fifth place all-time, but not enough to satisfy Symmonds. “That's a good first mark,” says Symmonds. “I've got some training to do.”

He has plenty of training to do. The world record is 5:09, and was set by Jim Finlayson, a Canadian. In case you were wondering, our neighbors to the north own this event. They hold three of the top five times in its history.

H/T: Runner's World

—Joe Spring

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