Tuliamuk had secured her spot in the Tokyo Olympics—then 2020 happened. Fortunately, she’s always run for more than just the medals.

The multiple American record holder is a huge fan favorite—does that give us a biased view of her case?

Will Trials of Miles’ scrappy approach work after COVID? 

The mile isn’t just another race distance. It’s almost its own sport.

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Runner Obi Nwankwo walks viewers through the best ways to up your mental game and focus on your training.

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The record he needs to break? 52 days.

Since Mary Cain spoke out about the Nike Oregon Project in 2019, a growing wave of young runners have come forward with their own allegations of negligent coaching and toxic team cultures across the sport

Incorporating steep inclines into your training can help improve strength, agility, endurance, and more

‘Nike’s Big Bet’ argues that the banned coach is too important to the company’s image

‘Head on a Swivel’ shows how running as a person of color can be an act of defiance

The two-time Olympian is motivated for this year’s Boston Marathon, even as she considers a prospective career as an ultrarunner

This week’s episode of HBO’s ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ offers raw scenes from the infamous race

Race performance still matters more than social media. For now. 

After 2020, holding the event at all will be a victory in itself

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All the expert skills, tips, training advice, and inspiration you need to take your running to the next level

Seven reasons from Brendan Leonard’s new book ‘I Hate Running and You Can Too’

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Runner Obi Nwankwo walks viewers through the benefits and basics of strides, one of the best bang-for-your-buck speed drills.

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Want to get faster? Add these proven, easy-to-understand drills to your training plan.

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Going hard delivers rewards, but only if you balance it with recovery.

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Are you ready to get stronger, increase efficiency, and build speed? Then you need to add hill repeats to your training tool kit.

The new Ted Corbitt Loop is great, but we still need a Ted Corbitt ultra

Between a new wave of sponsored athletes and its forthcoming racing shoes, the legacy running brand wants a bigger piece of the action

A full-time realtor and a mother of two, 36-year-old Keira D’Amato hasn’t given up on her Olympic dream

Signing up for a race right now is a weird mix of optimism and being in denial

Several British stars, including Paula Radcliffe, recently spoke out against an initiative to equalize cross-country distances for male and female athletes. The debate is more complicated than it seems. 

Yesterday's race had incredible times, but it all felt a little too perfectly engineered  

Can the IOC create an internationally applicable code of conduct for Olympic protest?

After finishing a disappointing 12th place at the 2020 Olympic Trials, he is looking to close out the year with a big win

Her death is a sad reminder of the ever present risk in mountain sports

With races canceled, Enda challenged its sponsored athletes to set a record on Mount Kenya

In the Texas Hill Country, an event called Trail Camp offers community and care for veterans, one mile at a time

A pro marathoner looking for a sponsor takes a scientific approach to finding the right match

After running 2:31:49 and setting a U.S. junior record in the marathon, college freshman Tierney Wolfgram wants to try her hand at shorter events

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Three professional runners on how to make the most of the winter training season

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Check out these tips from an Australian runner on how to dress for frigid winter workouts.

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It's a good idea to warm up before running regardless of the season. But in the winter, it's especially critical.

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With fewer hours of daylight in the winter, Under Armour pro runner Morgan Mcdonald breaks down his tips for staying safe on nighttime runs.

Both professional and amateur athletes ran virtual iterations of the event in recent days

When the Cirque Series had all its events canceled, the race director challenged participants to spend a month running up and down hills 

Biology suggests that decades of running should invariably blow out your knees. Scientists are trying to understand why that doesn’t happen.

Former Princeton runner Russell Dinkins argues that universities should preserve their "most accessible" sport

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Want to build speed, up your mood, or connect with other runners? Just add music.

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