Runner Sally Meyerhoff Killed in Cycling Accident


Sally Meyerhoff, the winner of the 2011 P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll Marathon and the XTerra Trail Run World Championships in Hawaii, died Tuesday when she collided with a pickup truck while cycling near Maricopa, Arizona. Meyerhoff was 27 years old. Local authorities told Runner's World that Meyerhoff failed to yield at a two-way stop sign. The accident is still being investigated.

Meyerhoff had just received her license to compete on the elite/pro triathlon tour. She was training for the 2012 Olympic Trials in Houston. Here's a short excerpt from her most recent blog post.

My “elite/pro” license for triathlon has been approved and now all I need to do is register in the pro group of athletes so I can race in the World Triathlon Corporation events and I'll be set to go. About a year ago I had a vision and gut feeling that I could run professionally AND do triathlon professionally, successfully. People told me and continue to tell me they don't think it's really possible, but I am determined to make them eat their words. :] With the way A is going to periodize the year a certain way for me, I know it's possible to have a successful chunk of time running while also tri training and doing less serious tris and then have a more serious tri season. I'm incredibly excited for everything and to have a coach who I believe in and trust and who believes in me makes all the difference.

My part time job I had didn't last very long and it's definitely better for me to not be rushing around, cutting stretching time short, being on the go 12+ hours a day, not sleeping as much, etc. just to work a few hours each week. If I want to work I can still do my sub teaching, but for now, training around 20+ hours per week and all the traveling I do keeps me plenty busy! I want to start coaching in some capacity very soon, and I'm working on getting that going, so that will keep me busy and fulfill my passion for helping people set and achieve their goals!

I cannot express how HAPPY I am with where I am in my life right now though, and how grateful I feel for being able to do what I do. I just wouldn't trade it for anything and any time I am feeling not very motivated, I think about how miserable I feel when I am not training or doing something else I don't LOVE. I totally and completely love this life I'm living and the most fabulous thing is that I know it's only going to get 20 times better by the end of the year. Woo hoo baby!

Via: Runner's World

–Joe Spring