Molly Huddle running in Providence, Rhode Island.
Molly Huddle running in Providence, Rhode Island. (Photo: Casey B. Gibson)

The Gear Molly Huddle Uses to Prep for Boston

The tools that help her train for one of running's biggest marathons

Molly Huddle running in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Holding the records for the fastest 10,000 meters and half marathon run by an American woman, Molly Huddle is no stranger to speed. At this year’s Boston Marathon, she has her eyes set on 2:20, the benchmark she believes she needs to hit in order to podium. Doing so will require Huddle to shave just over eight minutes from her personal best—no small feat for someone running in only her second marathon. That means she’s training hard, long, and fast and can’t afford any injuries. We caught up with Huddle, 33, at her winter training hub in Scottsdale, Arizona, to ask what gear she’s relying on for a strong and steady buildup.

Saucony Kinvara 9 ($109)

(Courtesy Saucony)

“This shoe has just the right level of cushioning for me. I live in a city half the year, and the Kinvaras are soft enough for running on concrete but still light and responsive. The cushioning is neutral and the drop is low, so you feel like you can run fast in it. I’ll put hundreds of miles on these shoes before Boston.”

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Polar M430 Watch ($199)

(Courtesy Polar)

“Of course this watch tracks my miles and pace, but what I love is the wrist-based heart rate sensor. This is my first full season with it, and having the heart rate data right there helps me monitor my workouts and keep them the right level, particularly on easy days. If my heart rate is higher than it should be, I’ll slow down. That’s huge for my recovery.”

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Believe Training Journal ($21)

(Courtesy VeloPress)

“I keep a log of the work I’m doing so I can see patterns in training and write down seasonal goals and race plans. I’ve kept training journals since high school, and I like having a hard copy. It’s easier to go back to read. This journal speaks to me, kind of literally; it has inspiring quotes that I’ll often flip through until I find the one that I need on that given week.”

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KT Tape ($9)

(Courtesy KT Tape)

“I’ve been finding new sore areas with the increase in mileage that comes with training for the marathon, so I use KT Tape to enhance recovery on my left calf and foot after runs. It lifts the skin away a bit and allows for better blood flow. It’s subtle, but at this level, it’s that final 1 percent that makes all the difference. I’ve started taping before workouts, too, for the involuntary muscular benefits. I’ll put it on my calf to engage the muscle, which helps me move efficiently during long runs.”

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Gatorade Endurance Gels ($35 for 21)

(Courtesy Gatorade)

“I’ve been loving these gels, particularly the Apple Pear flavor. They have a light taste that’s a little more natural, plus a thinner consistency that’s easier to eat quickly mid-workout. The taste is so good that I actually look forward to fueling now. It beats the heck out of frosting-like, sticky gels.”

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Saucony Impulse Bra Top ($42)

(Courtesy Saucony)

This bra is cute and really comfortable. It has smooth seams, is breathable, and is cut in a way that doesn’t dig in anywhere. There’s also a cool crisscross strap design that’s unique, if for nothing more than to vary my tan lines!”

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Koala Clip Sports Bra Phone Holder ($26)

(Courtesy Koala Clip)

“I carry my phone more often than I ever thought I would: for safety, if I’m running alone or in a new place, but also for podcasts and music. I like the Koala’s thin pouch and soft outer fabric, because it’s not bulky and doesn’t chafe. It says to wear it on your back, but I tuck it in the front for easier access. It’s one of those little things that just makes your workout better.”

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Addaday Nonagon Roller ($35)

(Courtesy Addaday)

“This is the black belt level of foam rollers. It has a solid middle, so it’s firm, and a unique surface with bumps and edges that get into your muscles. I use it on my IT band, calf, and upper back before and after running.”

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Lead Photo: Casey B. Gibson

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