Running Man: 33 days to go


We're just over one month away from the NYC Marathon, and the training loads are peaking. Last week was a 62 mile week, capped by a 20 mile tempo run. For me—a former 3k, 5k, 8k guy—that was the longest run I've ever done, and it felt great. Luckily, we have a long rail trail here in Santa Fe, so I was able to put in all the miles on dirt—which is recommended by just about every coach and trainer I've ever spoken with, from Alberto Salazar to the physical therapists I'm seeing right now for runner's knee/tight calves. The natural variety of a trail surface helps distribute the strain on your legs, so each stride isn't hitting the exact sample muscles in the same way.

If you're following along with Terrence Mahon and the Run Mammoth workouts for me (target: 2:40), here is the workout for this week:

Monday: Recovery – 8 miles at 7:18
Tuesday: Intervals — 8×800 at 2:44 with 90 seconds rest (2 miles warm up/cool down)
Wednesday: Recovery — 8 miles at 7:18
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Tempo — 10 miles at 5:59 (2 miles warm up, cool down)
Saturday: Recovery — 8 miles at 7:18
Sunday: Long tempo — 14 miles (4 miles at 6:48, 10 miles at 6:27)
Total: 60

—Justin Nyberg