Running Tunisia


Ray Zahab is back on the adventure scene. After completing his record run across Lake Baikal with Kevin Vallely to draw attention to the global clean-drinking-water crisis, Zahab will return to Tunisia. The first time around, he starred in the documentary Running the Sahara, narrated and executive-produced by Matt Damon. This time, he will lead a group of four young adults–Andy Dilla, Jill Gilday, Connor Clerke, and Kajsa Heyes–across the desert as part of an i2P expedition to help raise funds and awareness for the water crisis in Africa. The group will traverse 200 to 250 kilometers, and they aim to make it through in about eight days, with the goal of running 25 to 50 kilometers per day. 

Check out the video above to see how the team prepped for Tunisia and what gear they'll bring. And watch the video below to learn more about the team.

–Aileen Torres