Smartwool’s New Running Collection


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Everyone loves Smartwool.

The company wormed its way into our hearts straight through the soles of our feet with its merino socks. It took over both our closets and our dresser drawers with socks, underwear, long underwear, hiking apparel and even wool-insulated jackets.

Now, the company is making sure that the siege is complete. Next spring, it will introduce a full collection of merino running clothing for men and women. 

Merino wool regulates body temperature and it’s naturally antimicrobial, making it perfectly suited to a sweaty pursuit like running. Plus, it’s a natural material. No pipelines were built to make Smartwool running apparel, no tar sands refined.

Smartwool’s new line of running tops and bottoms is part of its Ph.D. program, which means the wool is mixed with elastane so that it won’t bag out with wear, but will remain springy and stretchy. And the collection has other features that runners will love: seamless supportive and chafe-free construction.

$75-$80 for shorts, $80-$110 for tops, both available spring 2013,

—Berne Broudy