(Photo: Nathan Martin)

Elite Training: An Early Season Week

2:11 Marathoner Nathan Martin shares every mile of a week of his training as he looks toward a new spring goal.

Nathan Martin

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On December 20, Nathan Martin ran a 2:11:05 PR at The Marathon Project in Phoenix. After a few weeks of “general work” to recover, the Jackson, Michigan, runner started a program aiming toward the March 20th USATF 15k Championship to be held at the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida. Here, Martin, a high school coach and teacher, details every mile, every split of his training from January 25 – 31.

Nathan Martin at the Marathon Project
Nathan Martin at the Marathon Project. Photo: Luke Webster

Monday, January 25

So, sounds like our game plan for this training cycle has changed a little bit. Overall I’m a pretty flexible person, always willing to adapt if a new opportunity comes. The 15k Champs and the New York Marathon are now on our radar, which means hard workouts start a little sooner than planned. In fact today, lol.

Workout: 25 x 400ms at 10k pace. 45 second recovery. 67-68 per lap is the goal.  

Warmup: 2 miles easy, then, a good range of dynamic stretches to get ready: walking leg kicks, carioca drills, high knees, etc. 35–45 second stride 10 minutes out.

Splits: (First set) 68-67-66-66-66-66-67-66-66-66-67-66-66 followed by a 3 minute break. Coach is saying the pace is a little fast so wants to make sure I’m not over working. (Second set) 65-67-67-66-66-66-66-67-67-66-65-64. 

Great workout, a little faster than planned, but it felt good overall. We will see how my body feels from it. It’s the first day of winter training for my athletes, so that may have had me a little excited.

Cool-down: 2 miles

Daily Total: 10.5 miles

Tuesday, January 26

Workout: Recovery run

Decided to substitute teach today. No contract for this guy yet so still have to make the money, lol. Other than getting up early and making me a little less flexible, I do enjoy it.

It was a little dark and a lot of cold by the time I finished up with work and coaching, so I decided to head to my coach’s house to get on the good old treadmill for a solid 9. Legs could definitely feel the workout from yesterday, but I figured that would be the case. I have a harder session on Thursday, we will see if they are still feeling it by then.  

Daily Total: 9 miles

High school runners lined up against brick wall.
The high school runners Martin coaches at practice. Photo: Nathan Martin

Wednesday, January 27

Workout: Double run day 

I don’t do these a crazy amount, just because of work, but get them in occasionally. The goal is to increase my overall volume over the next couple of training cycles so guess I’m going to start seeing a lot more. 

First run was 4 miles. Overall took it easy. The snow was a little bit of a factor, but I usually don’t crank morning runs anyways.

I’ve been eating a crazy amount of subs this week. I stopped at Subway for lunch today, which makes for my third sub this week (one was for dinner). Definitely not a bad thing, but probs should diversify my diet, lol.

Started my second run after dark, but decided to run outside vs. on treadmill. It was another cold night so made sure to bundle up and have solid nightwear. Shout out to Noxgear — think I used their vest for like 2 out of every 3 of my runs last year.

Solid 8 to finish up the day.

Daily Total: 12 miles

Thursday, January 28

Workout: Tempo

Goal for today is a 4 mile tempo workout. The original plan was a double run with the second run just to get in extra volume, but decided to pick up a sub teaching job for today so had to adjust a little.

The tempo workout went overall OK: Averaged 5:06 (20:25) for 4 miles. I wanted to hit 5 flat or faster, but still a solid day. Still might be feeling the 10k work from Monday. Also may have pushed the first 800 a little hard. A few of my athletes wanted to do the first part of the workout with me and probs keep me a little too honest, lol.

Cool-down: 4 miles.  

Daily Total: 10 miles

Runner on an indoor track.
Martin warms up indoors. Photo: Nathan Martin

Friday, January 29

Workout: Recovery day

Long day overall, I had to get a few different things done. Other than being busy, nothing too crazy on the running end: Did a relaxed 8. Long run is tomorrow with GLRC (Great Lakes Running Club) team.

Daily Total: 8 miles

Saturday, January 30

Workout: Long run cut down

Always great getting to run with others. Love my team. They are without a doubt a great group of guys. The 18 miler, however, was another story lol. We ran a loop we call the Tempo Loop. It is a 6–7 mile loop (depending on where you start) that is mainly dirt and a lot of hills. The goal on the day was to cut down every loop and to surge the hilliest mile of every loop. This was nothing we were not used to, but the snow and ice made it more challenging than normal. Quads were dead by the end of the third loop! With that said, I was still able to cut down each loop and even end the last mile in 5:08!

Runners running on a snowy trail.
The Great Lakes Running Club out on a snowy long run. Photo: Nathan Martin

Loop splits

First loop: 40:02 (6:40 pace)

Second loop: 34:20 (5:44 pace)

Third loop: 33:25 (5:34 pace)

Daily Total: 18 miles

Sunday, January 31

Workout: Easy run

Easy 9 to wrap up the week. We had a little bit of snow fall, so it made a few parts of the run rough — as I was basically running in snow, lol. With that said, got it in.

Daily Total: 9 miles

Weekly Total: 76.5 miles

1 Interval workout

1 Tempo run

1 Progressive long run

Learn more about Martin’s training in this video by Micah Ottolini 

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