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The Common Sense Coach Marathon Training: The Long Run, Part 2

Coach Carl discusses how to build and maximize your long runs over the course of your marathon training program without getting hurt or burned out.

common sense coach

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Welcome to the Common Sense Coach’s marathon training. In this video series, coach Carl Leivers, who has helped collegians, beginners, and competitive adults achieve their running goals, takes you through how to train for and race your best marathon, explaining workouts and strategies in an approachable, practical — and smart —  way.

In this episode, Coach Carl explores how to safely lengthen your long runs, how long should you go, how often should you do each type of long run, and how to maximize your race-specific preparation.

Next: It’s time to get dialed-in to marathon pace with Goal Pace and Steady State workouts.

Catching up? Start with the first episode: Marathon Training Prerequisites.

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