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The Common Sense Coach, Episode 3: Lactate Threshold for the 5K

Coach Carl explains why you need to improve your lactate threshold and how to target it with creative 5K-specific workouts.

common sense coach

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In a new video series, coach Carl Leivers, who has helped collegians, beginners, and competitive adults achieve their running goals, takes you through how to train for and race your best 5K, explaining workouts and strategies in an approachable, practical — and smart — way.

In this third episode, coach Carl explains what lactate threshold training is, why it is important for the 5K, and some creative (and fun!) lactate threshold workouts to incorporate into your training.

Next, check out Episode 4, VO2 Max for the 5K.

Catching up? Watch the first episode: Why to Target the 5K Now.

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