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Pro trail runner Abby Hall shares lessons that can help other runners achieve their goals, whether they’re just starting out or training for an ultra

A training plan and general principles to guide your first foray into longer ultramarathons

Starting at five hours a week, this ten-week program will help you build endurance and jump-start your training this winter

In Episode 17 of the Endurance Podcast, host Ian Sharman talks with Olympic marathoner turned ultra trail champion Magda Boulet about her career and how to optimize altitude training for different race situations.

In Episode 16 of the Endurance Podcast, host Ian Sharman talks with elite road and trail runner — and physical therapist — Tim Tollefson about optimizing your training to be your best on the road or the trail.

Whether you’re looking to transition from pavement to dirt or just log more and faster miles off-road, Saucony athlete Katie Asmuth has you covered with hard-earned tips and advice

How Mario Mendoza is training to conquer the alps at the UTMB 100-mile trail run this August.

A merger of two race event giants leaves trail running leaders concerned about rising entry fees, homogenization of racing experiences, and bulldozing of smaller events.

Pro runner Max King offers tips, tricks, and helpful perspective.

Strategy and smarts will get you through it.

The climate organization isn’t just about winter. Here’s why—and how—to make a difference.

What is environmental justice, and why should trail runners care?

Ultrarunning champion Krissy Moehl joins Ian Sharman on the Endurance Podcast to discuss what she has learned about training and racing ultra marathons.

Max King talks about what he's learned from competing in everything from the 3K steeplechase to 100-milers to obstacle racing.

Don’t let a little weather keep you from the trails this winter.

An exclusive interview with the 2018 cross-country gold medalist.

If you’ve never spent much time off road, it’s about time you did. If you’ve got no idea what you’re doing, don’t worry. We’ve got your complete how-to-start guide.

These four simple steps can help you optimize your cool down to recover and return to the trail refreshed and faster than ever.

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