Courtney Dauwalter’s Unique Training and Racing on the Endurance Podcast Hosted by Ian Sharman

Courtney Dauwalter talks about the training and tactics that have taken her to the top of the ultra world.

Ian Sharman

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The PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast is hosted by Ian Sharman, a professional ultra runner and coach with over 200 marathons or ultra finishes and more than 50 wins (, @sharmanian). We discuss training and racing topics with leading sports scientists and how to practically apply research findings for marathoners and ultra runners.

Ian Sharman ultra trail runner
Photo: courtesy Ian Sharman

New episodes drop on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Here’s Episode 5:


Episode 5: Courtney Dauwalter’s Unique Training and Racing

Courtney Dauwalter
Photo: courtesy Courtney Dauwalter

Today we’re talking to the unstoppable Courtney Dauwalter (@courtdauwalter, @courtneydauwalter), two-time North American Ultrarunner of the Year, and winner of many of the biggest world ultras, including Western States 100 and Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. She lives and trains in Colorado and is intrigued by the really, really long distances and what our brains and bodies are capable of.

This show delves into:
– Courtney’s latest adventure on the 490-mile Colorado Trail.
– What it’s like to hallucinate on an ultra run.
– Her experiences at some of the biggest ultras around the world.
– How she adjusts her training to be extra flexible and run by feel, while making sure she has the elements that will count on race day.
– What she’s learned from her races, both physically and mentally, how she uses psychological tactics when dealing with adversity, plus how you can put these concepts into practice.

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