Your new summer kit.
Your new summer kit. (Jakob Schiller)

Watch a 90-Year-Old Man Set a World Record in the Pole Vault

Joe Spring

This past Wednesday, a video went live on YouTube showing 90-year-old Dr. William Bell setting a world record in his age group in the pole vault. Bell cleared a height of 7 feet 2 inches to set the mark for 90 to 94 year olds. While that might not seem like an impressive height for the pole vault, take a moment and think about how many 90 years olds you know that can sprint, much less launch themselves in the air. He trains at the same facility where his son, a former Olympian, coaches some of the world's best pole vaulters.

Earl Bell won the bronze medal in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and then went on to coach pole vaulting. In 1991, he built a training facility in Arkansas called Bell Athletics, where he has continued to churn out Olympians. His father trains there as well, up to three times a week.

Lead Photo: Jakob Schiller