Get those pull-ups in early.
Get those pull-ups in early. (Stanley Kubrick)

Avoiding the Obvious

Mistake #12

Get those pull-ups in early.

People avoid doing the things they’re bad at
Can’t do pull-ups? Don’t avoid them; that will just create an unhealthy asymmetry in your body that could lead to injury. “I see it a lot,” says Bergeron. “A guy will have a really strong chest but weak lats and it pulls everything forward, rounding his shoulders and limiting his range of motion. Next thing you know, he’s hurt.”

The Fix
Bergeron says it’ easy to identify what you’re bad at: “It’s the last thing you want to do when you walk into the gym, “ he says. “Just start doing them. Practice the movements every time you walk into the gym. A lot of it is just mastering the technique.”

Lead Photo: Stanley Kubrick