snowboard ski snow winter
Snowboarders and skiers. (Ustyujanin/Shutterstock)

Battle Royals: More Great Sporting Clashes

There can be only one super-specific, outdoor sport

snowboard ski snow winter

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CONFLICT: Hang Gliders vs. Paragliders
EPOCH: 1980–1990
RESOLUTION: Safer wings make paragliding explode in popularity.

CONFLICT: Snowboarders vs. Skiers
EPOCH: 1999–2006
RESOLUTION: The advent of park and pipe makes skiing cool again.

CONFLICT: Skateboarders vs. Rollerbladers
EPOCH: 1993–1999
RESOLUTION: Rollerblading dies an ignoble death.

CONFLICT: Windsurfers vs. Kitesurfers
EPOCH: 2000–2011
RESOLUTION: The Olympic committee nixes windsurfing for kitesurfing for the 2016 Games.

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