Can You Keep Your Six-Pack?


Jason Dinant worked out four times a week with a trainer and ate only protein and vegetables during the first half of 2009 and was rewarded in June with six-pack abs, his 2009 New Year's resolution. Dinant was chosen by last January to chronicle his journey toward his goal. But the six-pack was not there to stay–Dinant relaxed his diet and exercise routine once he had attained his ideal abs, and the muscles began to fade. He's now down to a two-pack. But he's not fretting. “I find that there's a happy medium for me. I eat healthier. I'm happier. I'm at the shape I'm happy at,” he said, according to

If your serious about getting and keeping your six-pack, you should: Avoid carbs before going to bed, eat good fats and frequent, small meals, eat only things that come from nature, focus on proper technique when working out, and work your abs every other day to allow recovery time for the muscles to develop, says trainer Jordan Yuam, who works with Hollywood actors.

–Aileen Torres