Judo Gold Medalist and World Champion Cleared of Doping


Tae kwon do students at Columbia University. Courtesy of Dennis Lam via Flickr

The International Judo Association is criticizing the Court of Arbitration for Sport for overturning a doping charge against Olympic gold medalist and world champion Tong Wen of China, according to Wen was cited for doping after clenbuterol showed up in one of her urine samples. But a procedural error by the IJA during testing allowed the CAS to grant Wen her appeal.

When the IJA analyzed Wen's backup sample, the organization failed to notify her, which is a CAS requirement. Notifying Wen of the analysis would have given her the opportunity to be present for the results, which is CAS-granted right.The test results of the backup sample are invalid because of the failure to comply with CAS regulations.

Wen claims she ingested clenbuterol through Chinese beef, much as Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador also claims to have ingested clenbuterol through beef.

Wen won gold medals in women's judo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2009 World Championship.

–Will Grant