biking training siri lindley

The Outside DIY Training Plan

Why you don’t need a PH.D. in fitness

biking training siri lindley

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If you’re in any sort of shape, you can probably jump off the couch and huff your way through a local trail run, obstacle race, or 10K. Of course, there are more effective approaches. Your per­formance will drastically ­improve with a ­training schedule—and it doesn’t have to be complicated. To that end, we tapped world-champion triathlete and coach Siri Lindley.

Her triathlon-inspired plan is not too easy, not too tough, and can be modified to fit any sport. “Swimming, running, and cycling are a great combination for getting fit, getting strong, and feeling good,” Lindley says. “The variation in sports will give you that full-body conditioning that everyone strives for.”

This single, adaptable regimen will get you through any competition in style. For general fitness, follow the seven-day basic cardio plan on top, then customize it to the race you’re training for with the speed, endurance, and strength modifications described below. Repeat weekly for lasting fitness.