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The International Olympic Committee voted today to add both golf and rugby for the 2016 and 2020 games. The New York Times reports that golf had major supporters in Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Michelle Wie, while the…

The most popular annual Ironman event will take place at Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii Saturday, October 10. Outside Online's Aileen Torres will be covering the big day, but before then, she'll be posting about competitors and all other…

Exercise can help prevent colds during the winter, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Studies show that a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise at moderate intensity for most days of the week can lead to a 25-to-50 percent decrease…

Five Olympic athletes who tested positive for the blood-booster, Cera, are scheduled to find out their punishment in December, BBC Sport reports. Runners Rashid Ramzi and Vanja Perisic; cyclists Davide Rebellin and Stefan Schumacher; and walker Athanasia Tsoumeleka all face possible bans. The International…

Your body holds power only your brain can unlock. The key? A few awkward contortions—and a lot of concentration.

Chris Lieto is poised to make Americans care about the Ironman again—if he can just hold on to his lead.

Some cities are magnets for groundbreaking industries. Here are 13 that have put themselves on the map.

Alarming new science shows that thin air can wreck brain cells—at lower altitudes than you'd think. Here's how to protect yourself.

Want a low-tech workout that will get you buff? Watch Outside's Lab Rat, Nick Heil, show you how to do walking lunges, with a little impromptu weight. For more workout videos, go to Outside…

Photographer Alexx Henry shoots a revolutionary video using the Red One camera.

In support of Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, President Obama will travel to Copenhagen later this week to meet with the International Olympic Committee. The New York Times reports that this will be the first time in history an…

How can I improve my lateral speed for defense in basketball? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Bob Burnquist is on a quest to go bigger and scarier than any athlete has ever thought possible—while also running an organic farm and choosing smoothies over Red Bull. He calls this progress. Behold the enlightened life (and far-out dreams) of the world's greatest skateboarder.

Build Power, Not Bulk The Pillars of Fitness To get in peak shape try out all four parts of our comprehensive series. IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING our Pillars of Fitness series (“Building a Base,” March, and “Speed Up,” May), congratulations. By now you’ve dedicated yourself to sustainable, year-round conditioning…

After a brief tutorial at rodeo-clown school, our man steps into the world's most terrifying ring.

Identify your fitness flaws and the path to becoming a better athlete will be clear.

Turns out your old PE coach was right. Yes, it hurts, but the new thinking about athletic pain is clear: Keep moving.

The latest research can help boost your horsepower—and cut your workouts in half

An old-school move holds the key to unlocking your power; if only you can do it right.

I'm working on a ship in crowded conditions for months on end. I want to go hiking and trekking on my time off. What's the best way to maintain endurance without being able to walk or run at sea? Bonus if I can do it in 30 foot swells.

You stand on a 300-foot cliff and think, “Mommy!” Ted Davenport stands there and thinks, “Sick air!” The difference, neuroscientists are finding, may lie in the very anatomy of our minds.

I train very hard in the spring and summer by cycling. I seem to peak in mid-July, and by mid-August my aerobic capacity drops off. I fatigue easily and struggle to keep up with my cycling group. What is going on and how can I prevent this next year?

Most NFL players spend the off-season recovering from injuries or pumping iron. Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones, 31, spent the spring of 2008 traveling from Switzerland to Singapore, trying his hand at the world's most exotic sports, for his new Travel Channel show, Dhani Tackles the Globe, premiering March 16.

For multisport athletes like you, the trick isn't getting in shape. It's staying there. Here's how.

I'm having surgery on the big toe on my left foot, which will keep me on crutches for six weeks. The doctor has told me no pressure on the foot, not even from a stationary bike. What can I do to keep from totally losing my conditioning?

Nick Heil hits the gym with the star point guard of the Denver Nuggets.

The secret to going faster is learning when not to

No, you haven't met her somewhere before, and neither had we. Fletcher, a 33-year-old triathlete from Red Deer, Alberta, has spent the last five years coming up through the amateur-triathlon ranks, consistently winning her age group, and is poised to go pro in 2009. How does she practice jockeying against other hard-bodied type-A women who occasionally kick

Keira Newton, of Dynamic Kettlebell Fitness in Santa Fe, NM, demonstrates some basic and advanced kettlebell exercises. Keira Newton Keira Newton Basic Kettlebell Workout…

What Twight rails against is mediocrity of effort. I’d drunk heavily from his rancid punch, and in a strange way I looked forward to more.

I constantly sprain my ankle playing basketball. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve my ankle strength and balance to prevent this?

The Lab Rat tests an extreme fitness machine.

At an off-limits facility in the Philippines, multisport coach Brett Sutton treats humans like horses and isn't above the occasional screaming fit. Works for some people—including Chrissie Wellington, the reigning Hawaii Ironman titleholder—but his critics say he breaks more champions than he makes.

A revolutionary—and brutish—new fitness regimen.

Meet Outside's Fittest (Real) Men in America. Emulation is encouraged.

Inside the maddening new world of online training

Does wearing an ankle brace when hiking form a dependency, preventing your ankle from getting stronger? Also, do you advise wearing an ankle brace on both ankles for extra protection, or just on the ankle with which I have previously had problems? Ben Hagerstown, Maryland

I have very underdeveloped pectorals to the point that they are almost breast like. I run and workout often but it doesn't seem to help much. What can I do to fix this problem?

It's a lot easier than you think to train for an Olympic-distance triathlon. And if you follow our newbie-friendly plan, it's also a blast.

In which the author undertakes a grandiose experiment: to discover whether a regularly imbibing, socially smoking, still carousing 37-year-old can transform himself into a competitive athlete. Guess what? He did. Follow his plan and you can, too.

The year is half over, but there’s still plenty of time to get in shape and compete in an Olympic distance triathlon. Choose from our select races, throw on some Lycra, and start training.

Sleep has overtaken yoga and carb-free diets as America's favorite fitness craze. It's about time.

Spring is here. Time to wipe the cobwebs off your bike, oil your chain, and kick your fitness into a new gear. Here's how.

A sport-by-sport guide to everything you need to excel.

Whatever daredevilry you aim to master, you can go from zero to hero a lot faster than you think. Join our brave, bruised guinea pigs on their quests to prove that, with a little time and energy (and the right coach), any bum can be a badass.

Put that weekly jog to rest and take your training to a new level with our guide to technique, gear, and recovery

At the Monkey Bar Gym, fitness is fun again

“When you sit down on an exercise machine, with your back against chair, you tend to shut down the rest of your body,” warns Laird Hamilton. “You want strength that you can actually control and apply.” It’s called functional strength, and it dictates the way you should lift weights. Here’s…

Can Viagra really improve high-altitude performance?

Sorry, abs: One muscle trumps all others. Keep your ticker in top shape with our complete guide to cardio health.

I’m training for my first triathlon, and I'm an experienced swimmer and runner, but no cyclist. What type of bike (hybrid or road) would you suggest for a 23-year-old female? Also, any ideas on a specific model—preferably under $500? Susan Athens, Georgia

Go with the flow, say ChiRunners, and your legs will follow

Rule number one for total physical fitness? Where your back goes, all else follows. Keep yours in top shape with our guide to strength, flexibility, and injury treatment.

I'm shopping for a road bike for triathlons and day cruises with a price tag below $1,500. Any suggestions? Kevin Fargo, North Dakota

No time? No equipment? No excuses. Our experts kick your training into overdrive with customized 30-minute workouts for every harried athlete.

Got any suggestions for a good heart-rate monitor that is reasonably priced? Jeanna Princeton, New Jersey

Kick off the year by snuffing out stress, playing more, eating right, and keeping fit enough to nail any adventure.

Make skate skiing part of the season's regimen and you'll start the year with fitness to spare

The latest all-mountain jackets keep you toasty on lift rides and cool on out-of-bounds hikes

Alberta now rivals British Columbia as Canada's best winter playground

To find your limits, you must go past them

Will you look ridiculous trying a Hollywood workout? Quite possibly. But you'll also tap into America's greatest training resource.

What can I do to help improve the strength and stability in my ankles? I have been an avid hiker for over 14 years and have never had a problem with stability, regardless of the footwear worn. But a couple of years ago I noticed that my ankles felt weak and would twist far too easily, even on moderately uneven terrain. I've tried using footwear geared towards providing more stability but it seems to have a minimal impact on the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What happens when training goes digital? Your workouts get real.

Knees are critical joints, and they can't be traded in like last year's cell phone. Keep your hinges state-of-the-art with our complete guide to strength, conditioning, and injury prevention.

You've done your rehab, your knee feels great, you think you’re ready to return to action. But don’t rush back into the fray. Avoid a repeat injury by first taking—and passing—this return-to-sport test, provided by the Steadman Hawkins Center, a renowned orthopedic center in Vail, Colorado. Don’t attempt to perform this test on your

Want a spin bike delivered to your room? Get that and more with our guide to staying fit on the road.

The peloton has been looking forward to the first rest day of the 2006 Tour de France. The first week of the race has been fast and hard, and many men hit the ground at least once this week. This rest day gives them a short period to recuperate from…

Tackle cycling's ultimate fitness test and learn where your riding really stands

You may never have what it takes to race up steep alpine passes like the best cyclists in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from their training secrets. You’re using the same muscles, pedaling up the same inclines, and maybe even riding the same bike. So the…

Learn Spanish and other languages while you train with this smarter-than-average spinning class

Straighten up with a lesson from Superman's posture coach

Ready to play your way to total fitness? We thought so. Kick-start your transformation with a visionary six-week approach to bringing body and mind together for strength, stamina, and your best performance ever.

For a compulsive adventurer who can't stay put, sometimes there's only one cure: Get Zen. If only it were that easy.