Training & Performance


New evidence bolsters the claim that adapting to hot weather gives an all-around fitness advantage—but not right away.

Whether you’re striving for peak performance or coming back from injury, psychological techniques can help

Some key takeaways on hydration, power meters, recovery, and menstrual period tracking

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NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) is founded on a simple principle: If you take students into the wilderness, they come back better people

This basic, effective workout will build functional strength in key arm muscles

Ten moves to improve strength, running economy, and resilience for the road or trail

The former downhill champ has had his fair share of spills—and he likes to show them off

The quality of your habits determines the quality of your life. Here's your step-by-step guide.

Two new studies on beet juice and VO2max highlight the limitations of sports science research that excludes female athletes

Flexible, strong hamstrings are happy hamstrings

Figuring out how long, how often, and when to train in the mountains remains an art for endurance athletes

In his new book, Range, author David Epstein makes a strong case against specialization in sports and life

A strong back is key to just about every sport—and can help you out even when you're deskbound

Patricia McNeal biked across America five years after surviving a stroke. And she's going to do it again.

An expert's guide to sticking it out through pain and suffering

The physiological and psychological responses to different types of interval workout depend on the details

John Joesph's diet is key to his longevity—both on the stage and in races

A historical analysis of world-record pacing suggests that beating your own best time can be complicated

7 exercises to improve strength, stability, and resilience for the trail

For his 50th birthday, photographer Jeff Johnson wanted to run 50 kilometers and climb 50 pitches in Yosemite

Hint: it's about introducing just the right amount of chaos

The Canadian pilot has summited Mount Everest, biked the Arctic, and rowed across the Atlantic

Alyx Walkinshaw from Railyard Fitness in Santa Fe shows us how to do seven of the best oblique exercises

She's one of the most successful cyclists in U.S. history. And she's done it her way.

A study that assigns different workout plans to each leg shows just how much (or little) the details matter

Scientists debate the physiological benefits of ramping up your training intensity or your training volume

You have to work hard to build strength, but that doesn’t necessarily mean collapsing to the floor after each set

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Quality shut-eye could provide the training boost you've been looking for. Here's how to get more of it—naturally.

Up your game with these moves that translate to the vertical realm

In this episode of Moves, instructor Doug Lawder of Santa Fe–based Railyard Fitness walks us through six moves for a stronger back

In Senegal, wrestling is a sport in which athletes can make millions of dollars or nothing at all

What causes it and five exercises you can do for relief

She's the first person to finish the Leadville Race Series and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in a single season

Kelly Starrett has spent more than a decade training Olympians and professional athletes

The theory makes sense, but actually showing that “hyperoxic training” makes you faster remains a challenge

The Wave Tool is a durable, pocket-size way to mobilize and keep your muscles tension-free

In this episode of Moves, Santa Fe–based Railyard Fitness instructor Doug Lawder walks us through moves for stronger legs

It takes skill to have no idea what you're doing outdoors

A new study looks at the effect of subtle wording changes on the performance-boosting power of motivational self-talk

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Thanks to apps like Strava, dialing in a precise training plan has never been easier

Nine athletes share the phrases they tell themselves to reach peak performance

Experts from the Wilderness Medical Society have combed through the evidence to assess what works and what doesn’t

The cliff diver competes against athletes half his age

Kayaker Eric Jackson is still developing new tricks—and beating his kids in competitions

A lactate-munching microbe found in the poop of Boston marathoners is interesting, but that doesn’t mean you should (ahem) swallow it just yet

Resistance bands offer the best bang for your buck, challenging little-used muscle groups that make a big difference

Falls happen. From skiing to bouldering, learn how to do it safely.

Analyzing your training distribution can reveal the right balance between hard and easy workouts

A mysterious syndrome is leaving elite athletes lethargic, depressed, and unable to get out of bed

The elite competitor and full-time lawyer talks to Tim Ferriss about training and nutrition

The company is growing fast, adding roughly a million users a month, and it has lofty goals to expand far beyond its old identity as a platform for logging rides and runs. Can it succeed?

The weight room doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here's everything you need for a successful lifting practice, plus a foundational total-body workout to get you started.

The mental side of soreness, the downside of ice baths, and the genetics of tendon injuries were hot topics at this year’s ACSM conference

You can't force your way to healthy habits

Alyx from Railyard Fitness in Santa Fe shows us how to do three versions of the famous burpee

The 44-year-old Ironman competitor wakes up early—and we mean early—and only takes one rest day a month

Now you can pay to take a midday snooze. Here's what you get for your money.

Often it's more important to recognize how you channel your energy than to be "on" all the time

Alyx Walkinshaw walks us through how to do a perfect squat

The pro mountain biker recently completed a 1,000-mile trip around Arkansas in eight days

Don't be a kook. Here's a crash course in surf etiquette.

A new study of transcontinental racers pegs the digestive tract as the limiting factor in extreme feats of sustained endurance

A new startup called Vast Terrain taps U.S. suppliers to make top-shelf goods

Rowing is a great workout but can be somewhat boring. The RW900 fixes that.

Connective tissue is notoriously slow to heal. New research suggests gelatin might help.

Ötillö Swimrun is a grueling race series alternating long passages of open-water swimming with rugged runs of up to 40 miles. But unlike a triathlon, there’s no biking. That’s great news for W. Hodding Carter, a former collegiate swimmer who plans to qualify for the world championship. At age 56.

Pico started running and climbing mountains ten years ago, after losing her foot to cancer

A workout to help you develop a strong and trustworthy core

For Blair Braverman, physical activity was a given. Until it wasn't.

Although he retired from the World Tour in 2004, Shane Dorian isn't slowing down

This technique might just revolutionize physical therapy

Nine poses that will help mitigate and prevent persistent lower-back pain

The real magic of much-hyped ketone supplements, according to Belgian scientists, is how they enhance recovery

Stave off injury and get your body ready for what’s next