Ski and Snowboard Fitness Advice
If you're lucky, the landings will always be this soft. If notÔøΩ (Corbis)

Ski and Snowboard Fitness Advice

We cull 25 years of the best of Outside's esteemed Bodywork section to bring you the best advice on terrain hucking, knee recuperation, injury prevention, and more.

Ski and Snowboard Fitness Advice

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Hand’s-On Guidance

Ski Resort Guide

Ready to put what you know to the test? Check out our comprehensive overview of the world’s best ski resorts, including detailed resort profiles, up-to-the-minute snow reports, best-of lists, info on the latest gear, special deals, and more!

Blitzing the Backcountry

The new breed of winter endurance races will challenge your biking, skiing, and snowshoeing fitness in some of the nation’s wildest backcountry terrain. Learn how to train right, dress warm, play hard—and make tracks for a stronger, faster, fitter you. Stay ahead of the pack in the country’s coldest competitions.

Tricky Time

When it comes to winter sports, there are skills, and there are skillz. We’re talking about catching big air off the halfpipe, making like Apolo Ohno on skate-skis, building a perfect snow ramp for launchpad jumps, and climbing a frozen waterfall. Ready to get with it? Then listen to the mad wisdom of pros who know.

Who You Calling Good?

Stop arguing. We surveyed the experts and shall now define, once and for all, a good skier.

Injury Prevention

I’m With Stupid

Rip it up—the smart way—when you follow our illustrated fitness prescription for the perfect ski resort weekend.

Time to Heal

Follow our expert’s sage advice to repairing that aching knee into a season-long high-performance joint.

The Home Stretch

Let the U.S. ski team show you how to stretch before hitting the slopes.


We’ve got new reasons to start thinking about your heart—no matter how hard you work out. Learn the symptoms that put you at risk, plus a lifetime plan to keep your ticker ticking.

Strengthen the Muscle Between Your Ears

True fitness follows the adage “Use it or lose it.” Turns out the brain follows the same rule.

Stealth Insurance

Our eight-step injury-prevention fitness plan strengthens your core muscles so you can handle life’s unexpected bumps—and stay off the sidelines. Eight essential exercises that will keep you strong and ibuprofen-free.